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Top 10 Beauty Affiliate Programs

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Think back to some of the biggest trends in the past twenty years - how many of them are still around? Popular fads will come and go over the years, but there are some things that remain consistent.

One of those reliable aspects of nearly every lifestyle is beauty and appearance. People just want to look good! If you are a fashion or beauty blogger, you already know this…but do you know how much money you can make as an affiliate marketer? We put together a list of the top beauty affiliate programs on the market, so you can find the best program for your blog and audience.

1. Madison Reed

We ranked this as our top affiliate program because it offers $20 per sale on a 30 day cookie life. If this is your first time exploring affiliate marketing, that is a generous deal! Madison Reed is a trusted brand in the beauty industry, and should lead to a high conversion rate as your blog readers explore products through this Shareasale program.

2. Design Essentials

Speaking of generous commission rates, how does 20% to 30% of each sale over 60 days sound? With this program, you can promote stylish hair products that will bring your readers back time and time again.

3. Mozzafiato

Any experienced blogger will agree – the products you promote matter, because they are a reflection of your blog. With the Mozzafiato affiliate program, you know these are quality beauty and skincare product options. You also receive a 10% to 15% commission over 60 days, which can add up quickly with return customers.

4. 100% Pure

Beauty is more than just feeling good on the outside – you want to feel good on the inside about what you wear. With 100% Pure, your readers can browse natural products that are cruelty-free and synthetic-free. At 8% per sale on a 30 day cookie, you will be 100% happy that you are an affiliate with 100% Pure.

5. BirchBox

Subscription boxes are becoming all the rage, so climb on this hype train and make some money for yourself with BirchBox. When blog readers purchase a subscription, you stand to make a 5% commission rate over a 7 day cookie life.

6. Alchimie Forever

Encourage your audience to take care of their skin with Alchimie Forever, and Alchimie Forever will take care of you. With a 20% commission on every sale over 45 days, this is a great way to expand into a niche product area that often goes overlooked.

7. Master Beauty Photography

If you are going to work so hard on that makeup, hair, and appearance, shouldn’t the photos you take work just as hard? Master Beauty Photography specifically focuses on beauty photography, and you can make 30% per sale as an affiliate marketer.

8. Gillette Venus

Anyone who has purchased a razor in their life has probably heard of Gillette. Such a recognizable brand leads to high conversion rates and more commission for you – a 10% commission on each sale for 30 days to be exact.

9. Elizabeth Arden

In the world of makeup, Elizabeth Arden needs no introduction. You can earn 9% commission on all sales for a 30 day period, making this one of the top makeup affiliate program options on the market.

10. Alpyn Beauty

This growing company emphasizes the importance of sustainable skincare and cosmetic products. With a 20% commission on all the sales you create over a full 90 days, you will likely agree this is the way of the future!

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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