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How to Start an E-commerce Business from Scratch

E-commerce is a steadily growing industry that has the potential to explode in the near future. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we can all shop online – and running an e-commerce store can certainly be cheaper and more convenient than a real one. But what skills do you need for e-commerce, and how can you get your slice of this retail pie? We’ve put together a guide on how to start an e-commerce business from scratch.

How To Write Product Descriptions That Really Sell

Be honest – when was the last time you actually enjoyed reading a product description? In a situation where you were actively looking for a product online, that is. Did you engage with it? Did it really provide you with valuable information? Did you find it creative, or did it just feel like you were reading a boring product manual, like so many we come across these days?