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Top 10 Christian Affiliate Programs

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Considering there are about 2.5 billion Christians on earth, it would be a wise move for any business or entrepreneur to know about the best Christian affiliate programs available.

With such a large potential group of customers, just imagine how much money you can make from a meaningful and authentic program of your own!

These programs are well-established and earned the trust of their loyal customers. Using cookie tracking provided by the affiliate programs, you can earn a commission of sales redirected from your website or blog to these markets. In order to give you some inspiration, we compiled a list of the top ten Christian affiliate programs.

1. American Bible Society

With affordable Bibles available in over 80 different languages, the American Bible Society has established itself as one of the top Christian affiliate programs available. It offers a 10% commission rate, plus a range of promotional materials that you can integrate into your website or blog.

2. ChurchSource

Another trusted affiliate is ChurchSource, which offers a range of products for church leaders and churchgoers. From Bible study plans to sermon preparation, this shop offers a 10% commission for quality resources.

3. Kerusso

When it comes to Christian clothing, look no further than Kerusso. This is the leading producer of Christian shirts, jewelry, accessories, and toys. By including their links on your website, you stand to make a 10-20% commission of your own.

4. DaySpring

Looking for a meaningful Christian greeting card? Turn to DaySpring for the right message, whether it’s comforting someone after the loss of a loved one or celebrating a marriage or newborn. After a 13% commission on sales, you might want to buy one for yourself to celebrate a successful new partnership.

5. Ivy Robes

Are you part of a church choir that needs to update some old robes? Maybe you need an outfit for an upcoming confirmation, or just want to complete your best Whoopi Goldberg impersonation from Sister Act. No matter what kind of religious apparel you need, Ivy Robes is there to support customers while you earn a 7% commission. It is on the lower side of commission rates, but you will be amazed at how many purchases flow through your blog or website.

6. Nest Learning

From homeschool curriculum and classroom resources to children’s DVDs and teacher resources, Nest Learning is a trusted name in the world of religious education. They offer a generous commission rate of 11%, with 15% for top earners available. Nest Learning even produces their own award-winning Hero Classics Bible Stories available on DVD.

7. Bein Harim Tours

Christians have always felt a draw to visit Israel, filled with holy sites like Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem. Bein Harim offers tours that are specifically designed for Christians to connect with their faith, and you can earn a healthy 15% commission rate. For a travel booking company, this can turn into a significant payday for you.

8. Trinity Road Websites

As the manager of The Catholic Company, this website is the top store for Catholic products and goods. It offers an 8% commission rate, and draws clicks for a wide array of high-quality Catholic products. Best of all, these products are at a price that keeps customers clicking on your website time after time.

9. BibleBelles

This publisher creates content focusing on five inspirational female figures from the Bible: Ruth, Abigail, Esther, Deborah, and Hannah. These books are made to connect young girls between the ages of four and ten with discovering their faith and connecting with God. When purchases are made through your blog or website, you can earn a 15% commission.

10. PureFlix

Forget Netflix and chill – you want PureFlix and prayer. This is the Christian equivalent of Netflix, offering family-friendly and Christian-centric content through a streaming platform available on all major devices. When viewers sign up through your website or blog, you stand to make as much as $15 per subscription.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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