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Radiant beauty copywriting

The make-up of appealing beauty texts … and how to work with them

In the beauty business, what really counts is trust. Most people use cosmetics every day without even thinking about it – they’re an integral part of a daily routine.

At the same time, products and trends are constantly evolving, and it can be hard for people to know where to start. That’s why beauty content is now more important than ever, particularly in the online world.

Product reviews, inspiring tutorials, trend analyses and explanations of new ingredients – all of it gets snapped up by an audience hungry for more. That’s why your beauty copywriting needs to look good both outside and in.

Informative, trustworthy, engaging beauty texts can build an instant and lasting connection with your audience, inspiring them to try new products and trust in your brand as an industry authority.

Just like cosmetics products themselves, your beauty content should be about inspiring and empowering. Finding the time to research and craft that content can be difficult, even for someone who works in the industry – but as it’s the only face you’ll be showing the world, time is what needs to be invested.

That’s where a professional beauty copywriter can help. And at Key Content, flawless beauty texts are what we deal in.

How brilliant beauty content helps

  • Increased audience engagement
  • Improved brand trust
  • Long-lasting customer loyalty
  • Engaging with trends
  • Creativity and passion
  • A platform for feedback
  • Image-led content
  • SEO-focused results
  • The personal touch

Beauty Content

How to recognize (and utilize) great beauty copywriting

First: the foundation

There are no two ways about it: great beauty content needs to be based on solid industry knowledge.

Cosmetics might be about making things look great on the surface, but we know as well as you do that true beauty lies underneath.

A good beauty copywriter will have spent years in the industry, have a watertight understanding of terminology, and be as skilled with words as they are with the mascara wand.

The power of highlighting

There’s an awful lot of beauty content out there, and that’s why yours needs to stand out from the crowd.

Once you’ve got the foundation sorted – your strategy and industry knowledge – it’s time to focus on your key areas.

This could be product descriptions, how-to guides, or long-form cosmetics content like insider reports and discussions of trends. Whatever it is, it can pay to go bold and make your unique features truly eye-catching.

Know your adjectives...

…but also your ingredients. While many beauty texts are made up of adjectives, it’s important not to cake it on too thick.

In the end, your audience is looking to you as a source of authority and expert advice, and that’s what you need to provide them with.

Sure, use beautiful words, but make sure you understand the science that underpins it.

Pump up the volume

That said, great beauty texts are never dry. Creative, passionate and most of all inspiring, they should encourage your audience to be adventurous, experiment and have fun.

Sensual descriptors are best here – words that invoke taste, smell and touch. It should sound good enough to eat (though we wouldn’t advise that).

If you don’t feel inspired by reading your beauty content, it’s time to add that extra slick of gloss.

Keep it accessible

Beauty content is no longer the preserve of the catwalk. Even more than fashion, beauty has become part of everyday life – it’s the way we choose to define ourselves.

Truly great beauty copywriting is inclusive, battling gender stereotypes and leading new trends.

Beauty is both personal and social, and for cosmetics content to work, it needs to reflect that split. Our tips? Keep it fresh, solution-focused and grounded in real life.

Read beauty content

The world of beauty and cosmetics can change in a flutter of eyelashes. Blink too long and you’ll miss the latest trends.

With new terminology, scientific discoveries, and trends led by industries like travel, sports and food (matcha-infused cleanser, anyone?), it’s absolutely essential to be up to speed.

Any beauty copywriter worth their mascara will consume beauty content like it’s gold dust.

Beauty Content IS Key Content

More than just skin deep

Cosmetics content can be appealing on the surface, but it stands and falls on what’s underneath.

Our beauty content will always be structured on well-researched information from inside the industry. From future trends to the science behind new skincare, our writers can explain it all in informative but accessible terms.

Cosmetic content that counts

Maybe you want to expand your audience, improve customer retention or simply drive sales. Whatever your goals are, they become ours as well.

From product descriptions to make-up guides and in-depth discussion of the latest trends, our beauty texts work with your brand to stay relevant, inspiring and on track to achieve your aims.

Carefully targeted beauty copywriting

Standards of beauty are always changing – just have a quick look at the Renaissance. A good beauty copywriter knows that and also knows that standards are different from place to place.

When it comes down to it, as with almost all other industries, there’s one golden rule for great beauty content: know your audience.

We maintain high standards

Those standards we just mentioned? There’s one place they never change – and that’s in the quality of our writing.

Our beauty copywriters and proofreaders are professionals with many years of experience in the industry. From a structured foundation to the glossy topcoat, they’ll polish your beauty content to perfection.

The face of your brand

At Key Content, we understand what makes beauty texts stand out from the crowd. More than that – we work to understand your brand and tailor our beauty copywriting services to suit your specific needs.

After all, there can only be one shade of foundation that’s the exact match for your skin tone. It’s exactly the same approach we take to writing.

Accessible, relatable beauty content

There’s plenty of jargon in beauty content, but often it’s best avoided. After all, you wouldn’t spend much time talking to your best friend about ‘spoolies’ and ‘tightlines’, would you?

We create beauty copywriting that’s fresh, friendly and – most importantly – understandable. That said, if technical terms are the right fit for your goals, we speak your language fluently.

Our clients

At Key Content, we work with only the most experienced, passionate writers to create beauty copywriting that shines.