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How to get business content that brings home the bacon

You’ve heard it so often, but content still rules. And not only in the sense of representing your brand. It’s also your main online salesperson.

Now more than ever before, customers interact with your content before they decide to buy your products. Your business content never sleeps. It’s always available, converting your website visitors into customers – or not.

Because if your content isn’t effective, it’s like hiring the worst sales staff you can find in the real world. If that sounds a bit exaggerated, consider this: by the time your modern customer first contacts you, around 80% of the sales persuasion process has already taken place. Not done by your slickest salesperson giving the pitch – but by your content.

Varied selections of business content

  • Website business content
  • Business marketing content
  • Thought leadership articles
  • Business opinion pieces
  • Business case studies
  • Industry white papers
  • Business blog articles
  • Promotional business content
  • Product/service descriptions

Business copywriting

Business writing services need to offer more than good copy

Valuable and relevant

The first thing your potential client senses in your content is whether you understand their needs and wants. Your business copywriting has to reflect empathy, speaking directly to the challenges your clients are trying to solve.

Good business writing services will identify their pain points and show them how you can provide the solutions they need for their problems.

The right tone

Business copywriting is tricky. Your content has to convey a sense of expertise, backed up by deep insight and knowledge. You want people to understand how good you are without coming across as unapproachable or, worse, arrogant.

The best business copywriting is able to inform without being condescending. It positions you as a trusted advisor offering wisdom and astute business information.

Builds brand awareness

On the internet, your content is your salesperson, your receptionist, your business personality. It’s often the first way that people interact with your business, and it needs to express all aspects of your brand.

Using expert business writing services to craft your online character can be one of the best moves you can make to raise your brand awareness.

Creates market authority

The more fresh, useful and engaging content you can publish for your audience, the more your online authority will grow. Not only among human readers, but in the eyes of the search engines as well.

Key Content business writing services are designed to ensure a constant flow of top-class business content for you to publish, adapted for each chosen market.

Meets strategic aims

Successful business content has to align with your strategic business objectives. It also needs to take part in executing these strategies online. 

Our business writing services begin by understanding your strategic aims and your revenue objectives. From then on we make sure that every piece of content works as hard as possible to achieve both your short- and long-term goals.

Achieves revenue objectives

You don’t write business content just for the sake of it. Content needs to provide return on investment. Gone are the days when websites and online platforms were cost centers. 

Today they’re revenue stream generators. We help you to map out your online content to match your revenue objectives for all the types of business content that you publish.

The shrewd, professional business copywriter...

Understands the business world

A truly good business copywriter needn’t be an expert businessperson. A solid knowledge of the modern business world is essential, though.

So is a proper understanding of economics and geopolitics, particularly in this hyper-connected global village of ours. This background is a pivotal part of successful business article writing.

Creates inclusive business content

No matter who your audience is, successful business writing services require a business copywriter who can talk to everyone – from captains of industry to first-time investors or those starting out on their first business venture.

You need to speak with a tone and style that makes everyone feel included.

Is accurate and precise

Anyone can read about a topic, grasp the gist and repeat it for others. A specialist business copywriter doesn’t do that. Rather, the focus is on depth of knowledge, and conveying accurate and insightful information to your readers.

All presented in a concise and intelligent way that’s easy to read.

Stays on the ball

The business world is fast-paced, and it seems to speed up every year. 

To produce the best possible business article writing, a business copywriter needs to keep constantly up to date with marketplace news, industry trends, macroeconomic developments and technological advancements. By doing this, your business content stays one step ahead.

Uses content marketing experience

Effective business writing services aren’t merely about delivering content. 

There’s a strategic element to it that a Key Content business copywriter understands. Intelligent topic monitoring and content mapping are required to make sure your content hits the mark at the just right time to elevate your business’ profile.

Creates SEO-powered content

Getting noticed amidst the swathes of content published on the internet every day requires its own special expertise. 

Effective business article writing also needs search engine optimization. A business copywriting expert should also be skilled at SEO, just like the ones we can provide to boost your business content.

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