EL CAPRICHO – Full Stack Digital Marketing Plan

1. Bodega El Capricho: from Spain to the world

From a family business in León, Spain, El Capricho has evolved into an internationally famous restaurant, winery and oxen-breeding company where customers can experience some of Spain’s best meat cuisine – with delicious wines, of course. 

El Capricho has since expanded into an e-commerce operation with a website that connects delicacy products – such as prime meat cuts, meat-related products, special wines and elaborate gift sets that appeal to every foodie out there (except the vegetarians, of course) – with broader audiences. 

El Capricho’s global reputation has increased its visibility and provided interesting opportunities to further develop its digital presence across many countries, markets and channels.

2. The challenge:
to increase El Capricho's global visibility, brand awareness and conversions

El Capricho is a well-known brand within Spain, with sustainable organic traffic reported from early 2016 until Q1 2019. During this time, the average monthly traffic was approximately 6k organic sessions, fluctuating a bit until Q3 2018, when it peaked at 7.5k sessions. After a steep drop in 2019 due to an event, it has since recovered, reaching almost 6k organic sessions again. The estimated traffic trend graphic below (from SEMrush) shows this trend clearly, including spikes in more recent months of 2020:

The domain has acquired a reputation from international backlinks, a few of them from famous newspapers and media outlets. This explains a solid organic presence in the Spanish market and a positive evolution in the total number of ranking keywords (see image below). However, El Capricho is still competing mainly with Spanish websites (e.g. wine retailers and restaurants) in its main organic keywords, and most of its organic traffic comes from branded keywords – that is, from customers already somewhat familiar with El Capricho and probably using navigational keywords to access the website (see image below).

Estimated number of ranking organic keywords (SEMrush)

Estimated organic traffic from branded vs. non-branded keywords (SEMrush)

This suggests that El Capricho is growing in popularity, but is still somewhat restricted to the Spanish market. Also, it points to the fact that there is room to grow by using a content plan which targets other non-branded keywords and different types of content. There’s also an opportunity to make the traffic in the Spanish market much stronger by improving the keyword positioning – according to our evaluation in SEMrush, the majority of keywords for which El Capricho ranks are currently in positions 51–100.

El Capricho also shows most of its ranking keywords in Spain when it comes to keyword distribution by country. If we associate this fact with the attention the brand has received from international media outlets, we have yet another sign that the room for international expansion is a big opportunity for the brand. We have also evaluated the competition across different countries and markets, including (but not limited to) non-European countries that also offer big chances of becoming expanding markets for El Capricho (e.g. South Korea, China, Japan). 

3. How Key Content can help:
a multi-channel online content strategy covering every single base

The key to improving El Capricho’s visibility, increasing its audience and making more conversions possible goes through a global content marketing and optimization strategy according to the following steps – all covered by Key Content’s content marketing plan:

  • Global SEO: through a careful assessment of El Capricho’s website, we will determine all possibilities for SEO improvements, from information architecture to new content opportunities (including new pages in different languages in El Capricho’s domain). Either in technical, on-page, off-page or SEO conversion scenarios, we will make very specific recommendations for every item.
  • Content marketing: considering each step of the conversion funnel (discovery/awareness, interest/evaluation, desire/conversion and commitment/loyalty), we will offer a range of creative and engaging content pieces specially adapted for each step. Every single piece will offer a specific purpose within this strategy and follow determined conditions – from videos and podcasts to case studies and blog posts. 
  • Paid search (SEM): we will work with the main paid search programs available (i.e. Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads), targeted at users of these platforms that are aligned with our campaign objectives. We will also create – and adapt – content specifically for these users, as well as following up on the corresponding results. We will also structure remarking actions within this context, targeting users who visited the website but didn’t perform an expected action/conversion. 
  • Social networks: we will audit the current social media channels, look for gaps/improvement opportunities and determine goals for them. We will also manage the posting campaigns, follow up on results, provide customer assistance, propose actions with strategic influencers, and suggest further improvements whenever possible (and doable). Also, we will use these networks as a main venue for broadcasting all of our content (as part of our overall content marketing plan). 
  • Email: we will create separate email campaigns according to each purpose (transactional, relational and promotional newsletters), integrating them with our main content marketing objectives and other content pieces when applicable.
  • E-commerce and CRO: in order to effectively optimize and increase conversions, we will structure A/B testing campaigns to better evaluate any gaps or missed opportunities – and to tackle them as necessary. 
  • Other marketing actions: we will develop and propose other initiatives that could be highly beneficial, such as subscription services with products and rewards, and using other e-commerce platforms to sell products to additional customers. We will also work on specific products (and content) activities associated with festivities and holidays, along with other advantageous actions to be determined during the implementation of the strategy.

4. The value:
how we will identify the main results associated with the content marketing opportunities

Key Content will use a wide range of tools to measure, report, evaluate and make decisions regarding the results of all its content marketing initiatives. The regular reporting will be done on a monthly basis, or more often – according to necessity or the preference of El Capricho. Reports will also be made on an ad-hoc basis for any situation that demands it – or stands out in any way. Implementing and using the main tools within the Google platform (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager), our team will consistently verify:

  • Metrics: every relevant KPI associated with user behavior, engagement, SEO and revenue will be considered according to each channel and market. Examples: traffic, rankings, backlinks, conversion rates, revenues, social media follows, etc.
  • Forecasts: based on all the data available, we will create different forecasts for all relevant metrics within the context of variable scenarios. This will allow us to make more informed decisions and changes to strategy along the way, if necessary.
  • Goals: each reported metric will also be aligned with specific goals, according to each market and channel. We will follow up on said goals in our regular reports.
  • ROI: the return on investment for each content channel and market will also be verified – in order to identify gaps or any need for realignment of our strategy.

To effectively report and follow up on these metrics, we will establish reporting dashboards according to Google attribution models (when needed) and fully integrated with Google Datastudio, so that we can provide a clear picture of what is happening in each case.

5. Conclusion: El Capricho's brand is already well known.
A great content plan can make it even more famous – in different markets and countries.

Through a carefully planned, long-term global content marketing strategy, El Capricho’s business can achieve a much broader digital presence across other markets and many content channels. 

By taking every content opportunity into consideration and exploring many different possibilities for acquiring users and conversions, Key Content’s content marketing strategy can have a big impact – not only on traffic or direct sales for El Capricho’s website, but also on its overall brand awareness. 

This is especially important both in the Spanish market and in other countries, with the additional benefit of making El Capricho’s physical business (restaurant, winery and oxen breeding) see a much higher influx of customers as a direct result.

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