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Marketing content

No surprise – marketers also need their own marketing content!

Marketing is an active, dynamic industry. It’s fast-moving and entrepreneurial, attracting imaginative people who are go-getters and road warriors.

You thrive on using your people skills to create and execute marketing campaigns, events, activities… whatever your imagination can conjure up. We know the thing you enjoy least is actually writing content for marketing. But you know only too well that in your industry, content is king.

It’s the most powerful marketing vehicle, besides word of mouth. The many different forms of content are the lifeblood of the marketing industry. This has become even more emphasized in the modern digital world, where everything is interconnected and everyone can access marketing content any time, on demand.

Marketing content works its magic 24/7, leaving you free to weave yours for your clients. Content for marketing can be used for almost any purpose, ranging from your own website that you use to attract new clients, to the most carefully crafted copy that you roll out for client campaigns.

You can fine-tune your content to target specific audiences, thus increasing your chances of turning your marketing content into real bottom-line earnings. You just need the right people to do it for you.

Using content for marketing power

  • Website marketing content
  • Marketing opinion pieces
  • Promotional marketing content
  • Thought leadership articles
  • Social media content
  • Marketing content eBooks
  • Marketing case studies
  • Blog marketing content
  • SEO marketing content

Why marketing content?

So why would a marketer need a marketing content expert?

Who has time?

Expert content for marketing purposes requires a combination of marketing understanding, knowledge of human psychology, an awareness of the strategic environment, and a facility for words that goes well beyond the average.

You don’t have time to plan and implement your marketing services as well as tooling yourself up to become an expert marketing content writer. And then write all the content yourself, too!

Creating content magic

You know as well as anyone that words can create magic. You use them all the time in your daily work. But listening to words is one thing. All someone needs to do is simply relax and absorb.

Writing is a particularly special way of using words, however. Written content for marketing requires active reading, so expert marketing content needs to keep your readers engaged.

Increasing content ROI

Marketing content is the gift that keeps on giving. An expert writer carefully researches your audience and understands your objectives. The resulting content for marketing purposes will serve you many times over.

Evergreen content brings ever-increasing returns the more you use it. It’s also easy to reposition, so you can use it across different digital platforms, getting even more bang for your own marketing buck.

Higher website conversion

Skillful marketing content is essential for your website to earn its keep. The actual words, tone and style are crucial, of course. But expert-level content for marketing needs to go a lot further.

It has to create the right conversion journeys through all your website information, leading your visitors to where they actually take the action you need to reach your website’s aims.

Content marketing wins

Online, it’s all about content marketing: using digital content in its various forms – from videos to white papers – to establish authority with a global audience.

To reach this global audience, though, you first have to convince search engines that your content is worth showing them. With so much marketing content out there, you need an expert to position your content effectively.

Never stops working

On the internet, your shop is a 24-hour operation, always open for business, even when all your staff have gone home for the night. Having expertly written content for marketing effectively gives you a team of round-the-clock marketers and salespeople, constantly working towards your marketing aims.

Talking to everyone who enters, constantly providing leads, converting visitors to customers – making you money while you sleep.

Who writes great marketing content?

Knows the playing field

Marketing isn’t for everyone. It requires a blend of flair and consideration. Many people think they can do it, until their ideas enter the real world and have to bring home the bacon.

Our expert marketing copywriters have been there themselves. They know what works and – importantly – what doesn’t.

Has cut their teeth

Some marketing content just doesn’t feel right somehow. It seems to say all the right words, and uses all the right calls to action, but it doesn’t stir up any strong feelings one way or the other.

An experienced marketing content writer knows how to get the reactions you want.

Creates outstanding marketing content

Good copywriting literally makes your marketing content stand out from the rest. Let’s not kid ourselves: there’s an incredible amount of marketing fluff out there.

You want to make sure that you’re not in any way associated with the hacks. That’s the expert edge that Key Content can give you.

Is the perfect chameleon

You know better than anyone that successful communication isn’t about saying it the way that’s best for you – it’s about saying it in the easiest way for your listener to receive and understand it.

Expert content for marketing is able to meet multiple audiences right where they are.

Uses marketing content nodes

Key Content understands that content for marketing is designed to take the user on a conversion journey.

And that this requires creating critical content “nodes” along the way, where the copy convinces readers to take the next step. Our expert copywriters know how to keep your readers engaged and connected.

Knows the SEO game

If we’re talking about online content, we can’t ignore SEO. You can have the greatest content for marketing in the world, but it’s useless if no one ever finds and reads it.

Our expert marketing content writers use the most efficient and ethical SEO methods to make your content visible.

Our clients

Key Content clients know that they can always rely on us for all of this.