Content Writing Services for Startups

Copywriting and content creation services

How every startup can benefit from content writing services

Startups can be found in every industry, from online marketing to banking and finance. What makes them special?

Startups are almost always coming up with something new and fresh. But the tasks involved in any company’s beginnings can be tough and challenging to manage.

Outlining new projects, talking with potential customers, studying new markets – and, of course, getting quality content writing. Whether for in-house projects – website content, blogs, case studies – or for external clients, copywriting services are part of every startup’s business life.

But there is hope: by choosing an outsourced quality content service that covers their every need, startups can focus on other tough tasks.

Copywriting for startups: the must-have features

  • Written for the audience
  • Fresh and innovative
  • Delivered fast
  • Engaging and fun
  • Focused on benefits
  • Trust-building
  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Always optimized
  • Results-oriented

Content services for startups

Why every startup really needs great copywriting services

Get your word out there!

Regardless of your startup’s area of expertise, you need exposure and growth. Great copywriting services can help – by creating traffic and leads to your business.

Trust me, I'm a copywriter

A critical aspect of every startup is conveying a trustworthy message about what it does and why. Not only to customers, but to investors, partners and other people in general. Copywriting services can do exactly that.

Startup people aren't copywriting people

Startups usually have few people in their ranks, especially in their early days. Normally they aren’t copywriters – but founders, developers, managers. A copywriting service can deal with this critical element of business when you need it the most, but don’t have the right people for the job.

Sharing the content writing burden

From marketing landing pages to social media ads, content writing can be quite complex and overwhelming. By getting a copywriting service for your startup, you have all your bases covered, on every relevant content channel.

We're going to need some scaling

Your startup might be dealing with copywriting services for quite a few clients. Outsourcing your copywriting will help manage the large backlogs and fast deadlines.

Helping to make the sale

If your startup is in the e-commerce arena, you’re going to need leads and conversions. Content writing is crucial to engaging with the audience and helping them make a decision on your product – or your client’s.

Startup Content Services by Key Content

A comprehensive content strategy

We will create an end-to-end content solution for your startup that is aligned with your business goals.

A range of content services

Our copywriting services cover many different content elements, from landing pages to social media posts.

Fast deliveries and turnarounds

We work with adaptability and speed, carefully looking after your deadlines – or your clients’.

Skilled and experienced writers

Our copywriting service employs highly skilled writers with experience of many different content projects and campaigns.

A big focus on SEO

We place high value on content optimization, regardless of the content project. Your startup’s content will benefit from this as well.

Adjusted for performance – and results

We will keep track of your content’s performance across its different channels and evaluate the need for any changes along the way.

Our clients

We’ve worked on copywriting services for many startups from varied backgrounds. Here are some of them: