Copywriting for Freelancers

Freelancer content writing

How content writing services can help freelancers with their projects

Copywriting means writing content that sells something, and every online marketing project – freelance or not – will have a need for such content.

Freelancers usually tackle multiple projects – SEO, project management, editing, social media… and content writing as well.

It means they have to deal with content creation pretty much everywhere, sooner or later. But any freelancer in digital marketing will agree that what they don’t have enough of to go around is time. In that sense, hiring a copywriting service created especially for freelancers might be the best bet.

Not only for them to outsource all the content creation aspects of their projects – and have more time as a result – but also to have specialized content creation customized to each requirement.

What a great content service for freelancers looks like

  • It offers variety
  • It’s specialized
  • It follows research
  • It’s well planned
  • It’s creative and engaging
  • It’s value-focused
  • It takes in feedback
  • It’s highly optimized
  • It’s adaptable

Content services for freelancers

Any freelance project can benefit from a content writing service

So many choices

B2C or B2B copywriting, technical content, social media, SEO, case studies – for every freelance content niche, there’s a specialized way of creating content. A copywriting service can help with each of them – and much more.

Planning ahead of time

A copywriting service can provide more background and context from research and analysis – something that many freelancers just don’t have the time to do by themselves.

A kind of content housekeeping

Organization can be a big problem for many freelancers who juggle lots of projects. A copywriting service can help any content professional to have a better work structure.

More content than meets the eye

Being a freelancer means being versatile and knowing a bit of everything. A content writing service can provide expert knowledge that covers the specifics of each medium.

A content creator's utility belt

Content writing services can offer special insights from a variety of tools: keyword data, demographics information, trending topics, competition and more. Things that might be lacking in a freelancer’s toolkit and could be incredibly helpful.

Putting SEO on the content map

Every content project – including SEO content – needs optimization guidelines to have greater visibility. A content writing service will take care of this very important aspect, sometimes overlooked by freelance content creators.

Copywriting for freelancers by Key Content

Content strategy and planning

We offer a comprehensive content strategy aligned with your freelance activities and goals.

Content variety and expertise

Our content services are specialized and tailored to each content requirement of your freelance projects.

Skilled content creators

We will connect your freelance gigs with experienced and qualified writers, editors and proofreaders.

Creative and engaging content

Our content writing services are focused on creating copy that connects with the audience, regardless of the medium.

Management of projects and deliveries

We have dedicated project managers who work closely with each client, handling deliveries and deadlines on a daily basis.

Feedback and adaptability

We carefully review your feedback about our content writing in order to deliver results that are aligned with your expectations and goals.

Our clients

We have delivered content writing services to multiple freelance professionals from many different areas. Here are some of them: