eCommerce Copywriting Services

Convincing eCommerce content

How eCommerce content can catch the eyes of your users and boost your sales

It’s more than a fancy product description. More than a well-written ad, a nice email newsletter, a clear value proposition.

eCommerce copywriting offers a new perspective on your products or services – a way to talk directly to your audience and show them why what you’re selling is exactly what they’re looking for.

eCommerce content is pure persuasion: it’s asking the user – soon to be customer – to trust you and take a leap of faith with your brand. And yes, for it to work, it has to be truly good.

The big eCommerce copywriting sales pitch

  • Studying the audience
  • Choosing the right content
  • Working on great headlines
  • Finding the right tone
  • Highlighting the benefits
  • Never forgetting your brand
  • Being concise and on point
  • Always optimizing
  • Following your results

eCommerce copywriting done right

How to create eCommerce content that engages, convinces and sells

Speak to the right crowd

Whatever it is you’re selling, you need to talk to the right users.

Research the audience and who might want your product or service the most. This helps to create focused eCommerce content.

eCommerce content where content is due

To have the desired effect, your eCommerce copywriting needs the right medium.

A product description, a review, a newsletter, an ad – it needs to be aligned with your business objectives, and therefore use the right channels.

Tell me, don't show me

Your users aren’t seeing the product in front of them, so your eCommerce content has to make up for it.

Tell a fun, useful and compelling story. Using great headlines, a call to action and the right tone, tell the audience why this brand will make their lives better.

Our brand is here to help

A good eCommerce content service will always highlight the brand and its main purpose, regardless of the product.

The brand’s mission is a powerful engagement tool for any user.

SEO: made for eCommerce

Not only should your eCommerce content be lean and to the point, it should also be highly optimized for search engines.

Use high-value keywords, internal links, titles, headlines – the whole SEO show.

Money talks – and metrics too

With eCommerce content, your results need to be tracked in detail.

Not only in conversions – which are most important – but also in engagement metrics like time on page, bounce rate, etc.

Key Content's eCommerce Copywriting Services

An eCommerce content marketing strategy

Your eCommerce copywriting will be part of a content marketing strategy, based on your business goals and the best opportunities for broadcasting your brand’s message.

eCommerce copywriters with international experience

We work with skilled, native-speaking eCommerce content writers in more than 40 languages with a long track record of writing copy for brands.

100% made for the audience

Our eCommerce content’s goal is to turn viewers into customers: using great headlines, telling an engaging story, and delivering interesting copywriting.

Brand- and benefit-focused

We offer eCommerce copywriting services that prioritize benefits over features – and long-term brand awareness over simple conversions.

SEO as a key priority

SEO is critical for any eCommerce content. We will use the best optimization practices on each piece of copy to increase your visibility and traffic.

End-to-end eCommerce content solutions

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a retailer, if your website is focused on B2B or B2C eCommerce, our content services have got you covered.

Our clients

We have consistently delivered eCommerce writing services for many successful brands. Here are some of them: