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What is education content … and why do I need it?

Education. Something no one can ever take away from you. It’s one of the most invaluable aspects of life at any age, and any education provider will want to promote that. In terms of content, though, it’s a field beset by challenges.

First up, education content is an incredibly broad spectrum. From websites and brochures to blogs, official reports, teacher resources and course materials, education as an industry is fuelled by content.

Secondly, it’s changing. We no longer live in the age of print – education content is becoming interactive and going digital.

Thirdly, there’s the audience. Very often you need to appeal to an incredibly wide readership, from concerned parents to bored children to investors holding the purse strings.

A good education copywriter can jump all these hurdles with ease – and with top-quality education content in your portfolio, there’s little left between you and lasting success. It’s proof positive that the pen really is mightier than the sword.

Essential lessons for education copywriters

  • Know your audience
  • Understand the objective
  • Embrace the ethos
  • Do your research
  • Informative is inspiring
  • Clear, concise, creative
  • Engage with emotions
  • Hone that structure
  • Learning never ends

Education Content

How (and why) to make education copywriting work for you

First: set your targets

When it comes to education copywriting, few things are more important than objectives. Right from the outset, you need to know who you’re talking to and what you want to achieve by doing that.

Are you writing for parents, pupils, adult learners or key stakeholders? Are you aiming to teach, promote your services, boost audience retention or encourage engagement? It could be any or all – whatever the case, a good education copywriter needs to be in the know.

Do the groundwork

Next, it’s all about the research. To be an educator, you need to have authority – to know your subject back to front, inside out and upside down.

Education content needs to be grounded in thorough, up-to-date research, whether we’re talking online course content, interactive teacher resources, or attractive brochures for a grade school. Expertise really does shine through.

It's all about the feeling

Particularly when it comes to school-based education copywriting, you need to be able to convey the feel of the place.

What makes your institution unique, and how does your content reflect that? Again, there’s some research involved in this – understand what makes the place tick. Then all you need to do is some linguistic magic to bring it all to life.

Step into their shoes

A good education copywriter can put themselves in their audience’s shoes. Parents reading education content are likely to want to feel safe and reassured. Kids? Not so much – they need to feel inspired and individual.

Adult learners might be looking for marks of progress, while external investors want convincing numbers. If you know what your audience is after, you’ll be able to adjust the content accordingly.

Make it detailed

Education content is the one place where you can’t afford to scrimp on details. This is particularly true of learning resources, but it applies to the school newsletter and website equally.

Names, dates, places and facts are all hugely important – they need to be checked and checked again to ensure accuracy of the highest order.

Learn your lessons

Every education copywriter knows that learning doesn’t stop with the end of school. It’s true of life in general, but also of your content strategy.

Make your education content deliver by implementing performance tracking. If it doesn’t seem to be working: accept, adjust and move on. And hey, that was another valuable lesson learned.

Education copywriting, the Key Content way

Education copywriters with experience

At Key Content, we work with professionals who have many years of experience in the education industry.

Each has their own particular approach and areas of expertise, and we love matching our clients to the perfect education copywriter. When it comes to teaching others, general knowledge isn’t enough. It takes in-depth understanding to really pass on a subject.

Education content to trust in

Whatever format it takes, whatever channel it’s for, your education content needs to be reliable and trustworthy.

But authority doesn’t need to be shouty – in fact, quiet and calm is often best. Ultimately, the best way to build trust and retain users is through a consistent voice. Keep that and you keep your audience.

Flexible frameworks, quick responses

The education industry is constantly changing. So are the things we learn about and how we deliver them.

From interactive learning tools to course content and school news, education content needs to keep up. A committed education copywriter has a personal interest in the subject and stays on top of developments, meaning they can respond quickly in the most fitting manner.

Delivered by the deadline

From school to college, deadlines are always important in education. It’s a lesson we learned early on and one we’ve always remembered.

At Key Content, our education content is planned carefully in accordance with your needs. Any schedule should have wiggle room built in, but once we’ve set a deadline, we’ll always meet it.

Optimized for search engines … and users

Even education copywriting needs to include SEO. Fortunately, you don’t even need to learn how to do it.

Any education copywriter worth their salt will have had solid training in how to optimize content. But learning is an organic process – meaning SEO needs to be built in naturally, making your content friendly for human users too.

Thinking outside the box

Remember that teacher you had at school who could make even the most boring or difficult subjects exciting? That’s what good education content should do.

Creative approaches and inspired thinking create resources that will be shared widely, engage users, expand your audience and stand the test of time. After all, an education is for life.

Our clients

No matter what the subject, Key Content matches clients to professional copywriters to create high-quality, trustworthy, inspiring education content.