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Fashion content writing: a glimpse behind the scenes

Anyone in the industry knows that fashion content marketing is hugely important. With the global shift towards digital, people are going online to find inspiration, information and impulses to shop.

It’s a fast, dynamic and hugely competitive market, and the last thing you want is for your fashion content to be a flop. But where can you find the time to research, structure, craft and monitor an entire collection of fashion texts each season?

We can’t all be Carrie Bradshaw, after all. That’s where professional fashion writers come in. Building on many years of experience in the industry and a natural flair for language, they can tailor texts to fit your business goals perfectly.

Whether you want to sell products, engage new audiences, convert customers or improve brand loyalty, fashion content writing done properly can achieve all this and more. Consider it a bespoke service for making your online appearance pop.

Inspiring fashion texts sewn up

  • Sell ideas, not products
  • Keep it consistent
  • Engage the audience
  • Make bold statements
  • Be the authority
  • Simple is successful
  • Find the SEO sweet spot
  • Start a conversation
  • Describe the details

Fashion Writing

The best fashion writers have some things in common...

They make ideas count

We might be about to shock you with this one. When it comes to fashion content writing, it’s not about selling products.

Instead, it’s all about selling the idea of that product: how is it going to make the reader look, act and feel? The clothes we choose to wear project an image to the outside world, and all good fashion texts reflect that.

They're natural wordsmiths

Fashion writers love to play with words. They love adjectives, sensual descriptions, bold and striking metaphors. Compare a bunch of fashion texts and you’ll see they each have an individual stamp, but all of them manage to sound fresh and exciting.

Just like in the clothing business itself, there’s plenty of room to play here. And if your writer is having fun creating it, your audience will have fun reading it.

They employ different channels

Did you know that almost 60% of global fashion sales are driven by mobile traffic? That’s a heck of a lot when you think about it. But it makes sense – so much of fashion is about impulse purchases.

See it, love it, buy it. To be truly effective, fashion content marketing should work across multiple channels, so it’s basically always sitting in your readers’ pockets.

They deliver information

Adjectives are super-important, but once your audience is hooked, you need to deliver the goods. Fashion writing is about striking the right balance between attractive descriptions and useful information.

What’s the material? How is the fit? What specific benefits will this product provide? All fashion texts should incorporate all these elements seamlessly.

They know their cheesecloth...

…from their chiffon. Nowhere do details matter more than in fashion writing. Style warriors live, eat, sleep and breathe fashion, and if you don’t know your Louis from your Louboutin, it’s going to show up like a ripped seam.

Fashion content writing professionals employ the proper lingo, but they also make it accessible to everyday trend followers.

They create discussion

It doesn’t get more cutting-edge than the catwalk, which can have major influences on all other walks of life. Fashion writers stay one step ahead and keep their readers informed of new developments.

The best of them create a conversation around trends that haven’t even happened yet. It’s where information starts to become influence, and it’s the best place to be to retain your audience.

The Key Content Style of Fashion Writing

Experienced fashion writers only

You’re an expert in your field and you expect your fashion content to reflect that. We understand. At Key Content, we work with fashion writing professionals who have a solid background in the industry.

From catwalk connoisseurs to fast fashion fanatics, we can pair you with a writer who has the right expertise.

Fashion texts tailored to your brand

It’s great to expand your audience, but as a fashion brand you should never forget your existing customers. Loyalty counts for a lot in this business and our fashion texts are designed to encourage it.

By keeping your voice strong and consistent, you’ll be able to retain those hard-won conversions.

One step ahead of the catwalk

We don’t need to tell you that the fashion industry is competitive. But there are ways and means of staying ahead.

Our fashion content writing is structured to build on regular performance audits, monitoring the results of your content and making small tucks wherever necessary.

Inspiring fashion content writing

Aspirational is a word often associated with fashion – our clothing choices reflect the lifestyle we want to achieve. Just look at “Sex and the City”.

At Key Content we believe that fashion texts should do nothing if not inspire, and our writers subscribe to that mantra every step of the way.

SEO-oriented fashion content

It isn’t particularly fun or beautiful, but SEO is vital to online fashion content. Think of it like the corset beneath the ballgown.

By incorporating it into your fashion texts, our writers ensure your content will get found – and read.

Bold, dynamic word design

Next to designers, fashion writers are some of the most creative people on the planet. Or at least that’s what we think.

Whether they’re writing product descriptions, trend reports, blog posts or opinion pieces, our professionals know exactly how to make your fashion content stand out.

Our clients

Key Content professionals employ all the tricks of the trade to create fashion texts that are unique, vibrant and effective.