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In financial services your real role is as a trusted advisor to people. So it’s important that your online finance copywriting establishes that you know what you’re talking about – especially in this volatile and complex industry.

You need to be on top of your game all the time – and look like it. Your finance content needs to establish your authority in the sphere.

Conversely, the last thing you want is to come off as an arrogant know-it-all. You need to strike a balance, so that your clients are reassured that they can trust your expertise while finding you personable and down to earth.

Someone they can connect with to help them make their most vital financial decisions. And while you may want to do this writing and advising yourself, as with most things in business, it’s always best to get the finance content experts in if it isn’t your core focus.

Essential skills for finance copywriting

  • Natural language facility
  • Deep industry insight
  • Creating engaging copy
  • Providing accurate information
  • A proven pedigree
  • Astute research abilities
  • Intelligent content structure
  • Search engine optimization
  • A personal touch

Finance copywriting

What should you look for in expert finance copywriting?

A dedicated expert

The financial world is no place for a jack-of-all-trades type of copywriter. Your financial services copywriter needs to have hands-on experience in the industry.

A solid working knowledge of what they’re writing about. While you will obviously have substantial input, you need a finance copywriter who just gets it.

Experienced financial copywriter

It also doesn’t really work to use a good analytical financial copywriter who is more used to writing academic white papers than connecting with a B2B or customer audience.

You need someone who is adept at writing engaging financial content that is accessible to all your clients.

Authoritative finance copywriting

Authority is everything online. Think about it – every day the average internet reader is confronted with tons of financial content.

What would make them choose yours? You need a finance copywriter who knows how to build your authority online and create your personal brand.

Readable finance content

On the flip side, you can have as much authority in your field as you like but it won’t matter one jot if your finance copywriting doesn’t offer your clients readable content.

An expert finance copywriter knows how to creatively use different content elements to engage readers.

Digital finance copywriting

All businesses have been touched by digital transformation. There’s no need to tell you how technology has impacted the financial services sector.

In the digital era, a premium finance copywriter needs to understand the tech you use to be able to communicate your offering successfully to your market.

SEO finance copywriting

The long and short of it is that if search engines don’t index your content and display it to searchers, there’s very little chance of anyone reading it.

Your finance copywriting must appeal to search engines and encourage them to promote your content to the top of the search results.

Benefits of professional finance copywriting

Solving finance copywriting problems

It can be the Wild West on the internet, trying to work out how best to present your content and how to position it correctly.

Using your content, a finance copywriter can remove the obstacles in converting visitors to customers.

Agile, responsive finance copywriting

The world of financial services is nothing if not fast-moving.

You can respond to market changes, challenges and opportunities in your online finance content just as much as in all your other operations by using an experienced, smart expert.

Connecting with your audience

You know as well as anyone that a successful sale starts with building a relationship.

A really professional financial services copywriter can build long-term customer relationships that will help you to gain more value from each of your clients.

Efficient, reliable finance copywriting

In the shifting sands of the online world with its automation and digitization, there’s no room for slip-ups in delivery.

A successful finance copywriting strategy will run like clockwork, with a steady and efficient production flow that always hits deadlines.

Always up to speed

You spend time keeping up with developments in financial services so that you can respond effectively.

There’s no time to explain it to your finance copywriter too. A good one will keep abreast in the same way that you do.

Engaging with your community

Successful online marketing depends on creating and growing communities. The internet isn’t one-way communication – your clients can engage dynamically with your finance content too.

They can talk back. Expert finance copywriting helps ensure that you always respond and engage appropriately.

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