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Mouthwatering food content

How great food texts can inspire, connect and encourage engagement

Food content. It’s everywhere these days: websites, blogs, social media, the side of your bus … Great, you might say, but how will that help with my business plan?

Well, whether you work in the food industry or outside it, food taps into so many of our basic human instincts: to nourish ourselves, build strength, socialize, learn new skills – and, yes, to show off those beautiful plating skills as well! It can build trust and connection.

And, best of all, it feeds into so many other industries, from travel to health to sports and education. In fact, food content writing might just be the one key ingredient missing from your successful business strategy.

Food texts: the essential ingredients

  • Real industry experience
  • Fresh, zesty language
  • Know your audience
  • Clear content structure
  • Methods that work
  • Image-friendly layout
  • Background research
  • A dash of SEO
  • Personal and engaging

Food Content

The recipe for success in food content writing

Engaging, shareable content

There’s a reason so many food texts are found online. It’s the perfect medium for sharing – ideas, skills, experiences.

From restaurant reviews to recipe inspiration, food content should be accessible and shareable. It’s the best way to create a buzz and exponentially increase your engagement.

Eye-catching food texts

Words are important, but images count – especially when it comes to food.

That’s why layout and structure are so important. They’re the peanut butter to the jelly of food content writing.

Food content in context

Food is fascinating. Period. And great food content marketing works with that.

By putting food into context – the history of a recipe, say, or where an ingredient comes from – you can instantly harness other industries and boost your reach tenfold.

Recipes that actually work

If your food texts are mainly recipes, it’s important they don’t just look and sound mouth-watering but work IRL too. After all, it’s all about authority in this business.

Prove to your audience that your content works and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Accessible and translatable

Not necessarily into a different language (though we can do that too). But good food content writing needs to be informative and useful.

It needs to bring your audience pleasure – be that in the form of inspiration, a problem solved, or new authority on a topic they care for.

Food for the future

What we eat is changing. Lifestyle, the environment, sports and nutrition – all of it plays a huge role in our food choices.

Food content should reflect this, responding to current trends and even predicting new ones.

Food Texts with Key Content

Professional food content writing

Like fine wines, content writers get better with age. We work with serious professionals who have many years of industry experience. They’ll whip up inspiring texts that are custom-made to fit your brand’s specific needs.

Inspiring restaurant content

When it comes to writing restaurant content, we know how to get those saliva glands working. Rich content, natural language use and a quiet sense of authority – all of it aimed at one goal: getting customers through those doors.

SEO-optimized food texts

There’s a place for SEO even in the kitchen. Food content marketing needs to get results, and it can’t do that if it doesn’t get found. Our texts are SEO-optimized to make sure you stay on an index high.

Food content to nourish your brand

There can be a lot of fun to be had in food, but we never forget that it’s a serious business too. That’s why our food content will be delivered on time and in the best possible format for producing results.

Another helping, perhaps?

Competition is stiff in the world of food. From recipes to restaurant content, the aim is to build brand loyalty and get your readers coming back for more. By keeping food texts fresh, friendly and authoritative, you can almost guarantee great audience retention.

Fresh, original food content writing

Each brand is unique. We like to think of it as having a personal flavor. Our job is to swallow that whole and keep producing new, inspiring food texts that fit it perfectly. Never too salty, never too sweet, absolutely never reheated.

Our clients

Key Content works with professional copywriters to deliver food content that will nourish engagement with your brand.