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Robust health copywriting

Why should healthcare content marketing matter to my business?

First thing’s first: health copywriting is not the same as medical. Nor is it the same as general copywriting.

We might be preaching to the choir here, but it’s important to recognize these differences if you want to be successful in your healthcare content marketing.

Healthcare and medicine might have some overlaps, but ultimately the health copywriting spectrum is far broader. It can encompass lifestyle, nutrition, sports and medicine, not to mention mental and emotional wellbeing.

With such a wide-ranging audience, there’s no room for error here. It’s essential for healthcare content writers to strike the right balance between providing light, digestible content and a serious source of information – and that’s why it pays to get the professionals in.

Health copywriting: the vital signs

  • Engages the audience
  • Provides reliable information
  • Addresses concerns
  • Exudes authority
  • Always on the pulse
  • Keep it local
  • Search-engine optimized
  • Adopts a friendly tone
  • Warm, personalized and human

Healthcare Content Writers

What to look for in an expert healthcare copywriter

The all-important credentials

There are no two ways about it: good health copywriting services need to work with professionals. This is one field where you really can’t fake it – your audience will realize, and it might even be dangerous.

Healthcare content writers need to have many years of working in the industry and, what’s more, they need to be constantly doing independent research to stay ahead of the newest developments.

A sense of empathy

Health copywriting can tackle all sorts of subjects, lots of which can be pretty intimate. Your audience is most likely coming to you with a problem, whether it’s an established condition or a nagging concern.

The cardinal rule for a good healthcare copywriter is to recognize this emotional aspect and write accordingly. Be respectful to your readers and you’ll soon build that trust.

The voice of reason

While it’s good to be aware of your readers’ emotions, in health copywriting it never pays to go overboard. Keep it clean, concise and consistent.

Provide information backed up with scientific facts. When it comes to their health, people mainly want reassurance – and when you’re engaging with them through online content, it’s essential to get the tone exactly right.

That structured feeling

Healthcare content writers often have to deal with complex information, breaking it down into accessible and digestible chunks.

That’s where a solid structure comes in. Whether it’s a description of a new diet, tips for overcoming insomnia, or a report on a new clinical trial, health copywriting should be clearly laid out and easy to follow.

Quick response times

The healthcare industry is constantly in flux, as is the world around it. When new studies are released, your audience will want to know about them – and as a voice of authority, you need to be providing the most up-to-date information.

Health copywriting services can provide a serious advantage with professional writers who keep their finger on the pulse so you don’t have to.

A flexible approach

As we mentioned before, health copywriting is a broad field, but do not despair – it’s a feature you can turn to your advantage.

Whatever your niche is (and niches are good in this business) you can engage new audiences by writing about crossover topics or pimp your content by trying different formats. The opportunities are pretty much endless.

Key Content Health Copywriting Services

Experienced healthcare content writers

Passion for your subject is one thing, but in this business, interest isn’t enough. Our health copywriters have a solid knowledge of the topics they write about, based on many years of industry experience.

Engagement-focused health copywriting

What makes your business stand out? That’s one of the first questions we’ll ask, and a definition we’ll always keep in mind. In a competitive industry, it pays to have a unique voice to engage new audiences.

Ongoing performance monitoring

Your content might look the part, but it’s got to have stamina. Our health copywriting services monitor its heartbeat over the long run, making tweaks where necessary to ensure it’s always performing at its peak.

Striking the right balance in tone

Health copywriting needs to be all things to all people. From light reading (blog posts, lists, product reviews and lifestyle pieces) to serious long-form content (scientific news, true-life stories, opinion articles and expert interviews), our writers always know how to get the mood right.

SEO-oriented health copywriting

It’s always there, isn’t it, that SEO? The truth is, it does make a difference. Carefully crafted content does get found, and health copywriting optimized for local search can boost your business performance no end.

Trustworthy and reliable content

With so much information out there, readers tend to stick to sources they know are reliable – especially when it comes to sensitive topics like health. Our healthcare content marketing aims to inspire loyalty and retain your audience.

Our clients

We work with clients across the industry to create reliable healthcare copywriting with a long and fruitful lifespan.