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Insurance content counts

Here's why insurance copywriting can be such a tricky beast

It’s not easy to cater to all the different demands of real people depending on your company to help them when disaster strikes. You care about giving each person the best insurance service you can, making it as simple as possible for them.

You also have to comply with very strict industry regulations, especially with the marketing information you put out. It’s a fine balance that good insurance copywriting needs to maintain.

What insurance content to publish?

  • Short-term insurance content
  • Long-term insurance content
  • Insurance industry news
  • Personal insurance information
  • Business insurance content
  • Insurance service innovations
  • Specialist insurance solutions
  • SEO insurance content
  • Insurance customer testimonials

Insurance copywriting

What does this top-class insurance copywriting even look like?

Empathetic insurance copywriting

Great insurance copywriting puts your reader at the center of the experience and shows you really understand their needs.

Not just clients

You know you’re dealing with real people, with real families. Treat them that way with your insurance copywriting. Be human.

Trust is everything

You’re asking people to trust you to have their backs. Your insurance content must establish this trust above all.

No product bragging

You probably want to give all your product details upfront. Don’t! Good insurance content showcases customer benefits, not product features.

Lift your skirts

Unfortunately you do have to counter some resistance to insurance companies. So just be honest and transparent in your content.

Persuasive insurance content

Great insurance content gently leads people on a journey through your site to conversion points that generate return on investment.

What makes a good insurance copywriter?

Knows their insurance stuff

Good insurance copywriters, like ours at Key Content, understand the insurance industry. They’re specialists.

Won't expose you legally

Insurance copywriting needs to be simple and reader-friendly, yet meticulous enough to ensure you’re legally compliant.

Understands your strategic aims

Understanding your product sets and your most important revenue streams means your content can be positioned accordingly.

Is an SEO expert

In the internet jungle, your industry is hyper-competitive. Your insurance copywriter needs SEO ninja skills.

Understands people's pain points

Insurance is about human emotions. A Key Content insurance copywriter shows that you fulfill these.

Understands your reputation management

A good insurance copywriter knows the importance of your business reputation, enhancing it through copy.

Our clients

Key Content clients rely on us crafting specialist insurance copywriting for successful online content marketing.