Media Copywriting Services

Transformative media content

Wait – isn’t media just a different name for content?


Not really, a medium is the format in which content is delivered, but here we’re talking about The Media. TV, digital, social, print – everything that entertains us. 

Media copywriting presents a series of unique challenges because audiences tend to be much bigger and retention is absolutely key. We’re also dealing with the realm of the intangible here. 

Okay, sometimes you’re selling a product like a streaming service, but a lot of the time it’s about an experience. That can be great news for media content professionals, who tend to be super-creative and love working with the latest technological developments. 

But what if you’re a busy media professional with little time to devote to truly top-notch content? That’s where media copywriting services come in. Time-saving, cost-effective and with brilliant returns rates, they can boost your content to unprecedented levels of engagement.

Tools of the media copywriting trade

  • A nose for a story
  • Intuitive research skills
  • Natural language abilities
  • Command of ideas
  • A sense of structure
  • Creative thinking techniques
  • Approaches from another angle
  • SEO compatibility
  • First-class time-keeping

Media Copywriting

The inside scoop on media and entertainment content

It's an experience

The important thing to remember when it comes to media copywriting is you’re selling an experience, not a product. And because so much of marketing is subconscious, your media content needs to reflect that. 

What does that mean in practice? Flexible content that can adapt to different channels, eye-catching images and an instant hook.

The rules of engagement

Media copywriting has many aims, but two could be said to be most important. One: capture your audience. Two: keep them hooked. In this business, there’s no such thing as “treat ’em mean” – to keep your audience engaged, you need to feed them regular content. 

Media copywriting services can help fulfill this demand with an ever-ready, always changing supply.

Speak your audience's language

So much of entertainment content is about emotion. A professional writer understands what their content means to their audience and can tap into their feelings, hopes and ambitions. 

Each piece of media content means a different thing to the next person, but the message underpinning it needs to be strong and unified.

Make space for images

Media copywriting needs to be bold, brilliant…and leave space for videos and images. This applies especially in the world of social media content. 

The best thing is that you can make it interactive, leading to increased user engagement and a higher likelihood of sharing. Tap into new creative formats early and stay ahead of the competition.

The importance of follow-through

It’s not enough to create great media content – you need to know it’s working too. Even the most inspired ideas can suffer from poor placement or a lack of follow-through. 

By monitoring your entertainment content and knowing when and how it’s reaching users, you stand a much better chance of enhancing your engagement ratings.

Make it inclusive

So much of our lifestyle and opinion is informed by media content. From social to print, digital to visual, media has more power than ever, and people are paying attention to what it says. 

Professional media copywriting services will audit your brand, scope out your principles and create inspiring content that demonstrates best practices. In a dog-eat-dog world, attitude is everything.

Key Content Media Copywriting Services

All-singing, all-dancing entertainment content

OK, so it doesn’t have to do absolutely everything. But it does need to do a lot: engage your audience, inspire them to share and, most importantly, keep them coming back. Whether it’s music, film, TV or factual entertainment – and believe us, there are many more – our media copywriting services tick all the boxes you need them to.

Media content across multiple platforms

The entertainment world used to rely on TV and print advertisements – media sticking to its own kind, so to speak. Not any more. Successful media content needs to be nothing if not adaptable, able to engage users across a whole variety of platforms. Traditional, social and digital formats all need to be covered, with a comprehensive plan to get the timings just perfect.

Media copywriting by

When it comes to showbiz, nothing beats insider knowledge. While plenty of people are passionate about media, the best media content will always be written by professionals. At Key Content our writers have years of experience that stands them in good stead to give your content that extra authenticity.

The stage is set

Behind the scenes of a serious media copywriting service is plenty of good old-fashioned hard work. It might look boring, but the research and fact-checking is what lays the groundwork for effective content. Just think of the entertainment industry – there’s no concert without sound and lighting, is there? Exactly the same applies to entertainment content.

Bold, creative media copywriting

Of course, successful media content is all about the glitz and glamour. First and foremost, it has to be eye-catching – remember, we’re selling an experience. Our writers are consummate wordsmiths, creative risk-takers and out-of-the-box thinkers. The result? Media content that shines like a diamond.

Results-driven entertainment content

Good media copywriting services always stay at the top of their game. That’s why our content plans are results-driven and performance-oriented. From in-built SEO for enhanced search index rankings to ongoing performance monitoring, our media content will be closely analyzed to ensure the best possible results.

Our clients

At Key Content, we’re passionate about using our experience to create results-oriented media content that deserves its place in the spotlight.