Real Estate Writing Services

From the ground up:

How a great real estate copywriter can help build business

Real estate always was a bit of a Wild West, however the advent of the internet has made it even more so.

Independence is great and all that, but with it comes an enormous demand for sparkling real estate content that will turn bored web surfers into engaged customers.

Too busy selling dreams to find time to sit down and write? That’s where professional real estate writing services can help.

Think snappy headlines, image-led content and perfectly honed writing that mentions all the right buzzwords – from blog posts on sustainable building to tempting neighborhood and property descriptions.

It’s a dynamic market, sure, but solid real estate content will withstand any storm.

The foundations of real estate copywriting

  • A trustworthy authority
  • Based on market research
  • Always up to date
  • Balances fact with description
  • Accessible and grounded
  • Speaks in real terms
  • Looks to the future
  • Images speak volumes
  • Optimized for SEO

Real Estate Content

Step inside our guide to effective real estate writing services

A solid construction

To make any dream come true, you need to start with a solid foundation. No castles in the air here. The best real estate content is based on hard facts – well researched and backed up with genuine statistics.

This applies especially to white papers and market reports, but is equally true of property descriptions, blog posts and general website copy.

Hot (written) property

Real estate copywriting takes many forms these days. Whether an independent realtor, vacation property owner or large corporation, the best way to attract readers (and potential clients) is by keeping your content mixed.

Think attractive property descriptions, informative blog posts and trend reports, even realtor biographies. Variety will keep your readers on board.

That neighborhood feeling

A good real estate copywriter is aware of their audience, which, in many cases, is going to consist of prospective clients. A personal tone is super important here.

Keep it grounded, friendly and real, and avoid using jargon unless you really need to.

Lend it some sugar

You’ll have heard it said before, but we’ll say it again for good measure: avoid the hard sell. Seriously, it never looks good.

Instead, sugarcoat your words just enough that people can’t help but keep reading. Good real estate content is tantalizing – but doesn’t give it all away up front.

The final polish

Real estate deals in a lot of dreams, but also people’s lives – and livelihoods. Trust is essential for winning customers, so your real estate copywriting needs to exude authority.

All real estate writing services will polish the final result to ensure it’s mistake-free and positively gleams with professionalism.

Built to last

No matter what form your content takes, real estate copywriting should be part of a larger business plan.

By keeping the wider picture in mind, you can make tweaks and adjustments whenever they’re needed. The result? A watertight content plan – and your peace of mind.

Real Estate Copywriting by Key Content

Unique real estate content

It’s a competitive market out there, but sparkling real estate content can help you to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

We write unique copy complete with eye-catching headlines and stand-out images, all of it curated to meet your individual business goals.

Always ahead of the curve

Blink and you’ll miss it – that’s how fast real estate can change. At Key Content, our real estate copywriters are always one step ahead of the curve.

With a genuine interest in reading about the market to stay on top of developments, they can craft content to suit the current mood.

Delivery to your door

Well, pretty much. We know you take deadlines seriously – and we think they’re even more critical.

Key Content real estate writing services are delivered as you need them, when you need them. No long property chains or hold-ups in sight.

Solid real estate content foundations

It’s not all pretty interiors – today’s real estate market is a complex beast.

That’s why it’s essential for a real estate copywriter to have a solid background in the field and why at Key Content, we only work with writers who really know their bricks and mortar.

Optimized and performance-tracked

Even the best real estate copywriting in the world won’t be much good if it doesn’t get found.

Our real estate writing services come with a healthy dose of SEO as standard and are constantly monitored for performance to ensure they’re achieving the results you need.

International real estate copywriting

They say the world is a village these days. They’re not wrong. Thanks to technology and travel, business has become truly global – and that includes the real estate market.

At Key Content, we work in over 40 languages, delivering the right real estate writing services wherever you are.

Our clients

We’ve worked with numerous clients across the market to design and deliver real estate writing services with a difference.