Retail Copywriting Services

Retail content that sells

Working with retail copywriting that drives leads and conversions

Retail copywriting is where content marketing finds its actual purpose: informing the audience about brands, showing innovative products to users, announcing valuable services that can make their lives easier. And, ultimately, pushing leads and sales.

As a result, the retail industry and copywriting were made for each other – it’s a unique chance for brands to really demonstrate their value to users and help them decide.

But nobody said it’s easy – it takes a lot of work and skill to build up trust and really influence buyers.

What's in store for retail copywriting?

  • Stellar brand awareness
  • Audience-focused content
  • Catchy, compelling headlines
  • Unique product benefits
  • Emotionally charged tone
  • Persuasive and connecting copy
  • On-point, concise texts
  • Guided by SEO
  • Driven by results and profits

Retail copywriting: the big sale

Creating and enjoying exciting, value-oriented retail content

It flies off the shelves

Great retail copywriting combines catchy headlines and an engaging tone. It successfully balances the benefits for potential customers with a unique message about the brand.

It's always open for business

Awesome retail content operates on many different levels. Product descriptions, brand introductions, newsletters, ad copy, web pages – any type of content that helps to deliver the goods and the brand’s voice.

It's a bit of shopping therapy

From large e-commerce websites to smaller independent online stores, great retail copywriting should be about the experience, the lifestyle, the brand story – much more than merely describing products and services.

It comes in a persuasion package

Convincing the reader is everything. It’s not just having the product’s real value front and center of the copy, but it has to be emotive enough to strike a chord with them.

SEO is the real deal

Great retail content always looks out for the best keywords. It should be optimized not only for search engines, but for its users too – on point and concise.

It's content customer service

Retail copywriting needs to be done with the client’s business goals in mind. Its strategy should be updated and adjusted whenever needed according to its results.

Retail Copywriting by Key Content

A wide catalog of retail content

Whether it’s website content, blog posts, product descriptions, campaign ads, newsletters or detailed reviews, our retail copywriting services have got you covered.

Copywriters who are the real deal

We work with content writers with track records in all kinds of retail content: e-commerce, fashion, tech and more.

Great copywriting is our currency

When it comes to retail copywriting, we deliver the goods. We’ll tell the story of your brand in a creative, engaging and fun way.

Content that's a bestseller

Creativity is important, but we develop retail content that’s focused on results – and aligned with your business (and online sales) goals.

SEO comes with every order

Our retail content is always SEO-oriented, using the most strategic keywords and best practices to increase the visibility of every page.

Returns and replacements included

We’ll take on your feedback about our copywriting and rearrange your retail content whenever you consider it necessary.

Our clients

We have provided content for numerous retailers, e-commerce websites and brands over many different projects.