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How travel content writing services can enhance your content strategy

In the travel industry, content is king. 90% of all vacations start online, with consumers conducting research to gain inspiration and expert tips. Everyone wants that dream vacation experience, and most are willing to invest time to get it.

Travel content should be a vital part of your strategy, because good content equals more time browsing, which results in that all-important conversion. Whatever side of the business you’re in, from all-inclusive luxury to budget city breaks, your content is the first step to getting that “book” button clicked.

And if your audience is willing to put the time into reading your content, you too need to invest time in writing it for them. Efficient use of resources is just one of the benefits of professional travel copywriting. To put it simply, we do the legwork so you don’t have to.

The journey to great travel content

  • Do your research
  • Know your market
  • Make it vibrant
  • Appeal to emotions
  • Write to inspire
  • Up-to-the-minute content
  • Focus that SEO
  • In-depth analysis
  • Track the competition

Travel Copywriting

What to look out for in travel content writing services

The little details

These days, desk-based research is easier than ever. Just look at all those people exploring their vacation options.

While a travel copywriter might not be on the ground, they still need to live, dream and breathe travel. And go that extra mile to dig out a nugget of research that users wouldn’t normally find by themselves.

Meaningful travel content

Whether it’s a city guide, top-ten sightseeing list, hotel description or price comparison guide, travel copywriting needs to be useful.

Informative, concise and easy to read – those are the three features every travel content writer should aim for.

Long-form authenticity

When it comes to travel content, don’t be afraid of going long-form.

Blogs, articles and detailed destination guides all have the potential to make your content more personal and useful. Search engines love them, too.

Exciting but natural language

A good travel copywriter is a natural wordsmith. So many things go into a travel experience: sights, sounds, tastes, smells.

Good travel content mirrors that exactly, making the audience feel like they’re there already. It makes the booking button that much more tempting.

SEO-focused travel copywriting

We know you know it, but we’ll say it anyway: SEO is the lifeblood of successful travel copywriting.

For your content strategy to work, you need keyword-focused content that’s tailored to search engines. All journeys start with a single step, and that’s getting your travel content found.

The green touch

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the travel industry. But actually, we’re thinking of “evergreen”.

Travel trends may come and go, destinations develop – but a travel copywriter should also be able to craft evergreen content that will always be relevant.

Why Key Content Travel Content Writing Services?

It's our area of specialism

At Key Content we live travel copywriting. We have years of experience in the business, providing travel content writing services in multiple languages and formats. Whatever your needs, we have the solutions.

Professional travel content writers

Our travel copywriters are bona fide professionals. They know exactly what it is to travel and are full of insider tips and tricks. That way, your content will always be reliable and exude a genuine sense of authority.

Real passion for travel content

A good travel copywriter never stops traveling. Detailed information is important, but if the audience doesn’t feel that love, it’s never going to stick. At Key Content, travel is a passion we’re proud of.

We keep our eyes on the ball

Like many industries, travel is dynamic. Our travel content writing services are always up to the minute, incorporating new trends, technologies and destinations before they’re even really a thing.

Updated, timely travel content

When it comes to a successful travel content strategy, being on time is essential. Our content is always delivered – polished to perfection – by the agreed deadline.

Results you can rely on

We track the performance of our travel copywriting to make sure it’s delivering the results you need. If not, we’ll learn from it and make some changes. It never hurts to take the scenic route.

Our clients

Our travel content writing services are employed across the industry, creating inspiring and authoritative content for a whole world of destinations.