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Top 10 Clothing Affiliate Programs

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You work around the clock to bring your readers quality content on your fashion blog, so why not consider how much money you can make from clothing affiliate programs?

Whether you run a website, blog, or any other social media platform, partnering with clothing affiliate programs is one of the best ways to turn your passion into profit. We dug through the closet to find you the top ten clothing affiliate programs – and just how much you stand to make if you choose them.

1. ShopStyle Collective

If you are looking for an introduction to clothing affiliate programs, this is one of the easiest programs to join. You will receive a cookie that lasts for 60 days to accompany the link on your platform. The best part? You get paid based on the amount of clicks your links generate – not the completed sales.

2. Newchic

With one of the best commission rates available for clothing affiliate programs, Newchic pays out about 10-18% of sales completed from your 30 day cookie period. The company provides support to generate more clicks and increase sales from visitors to your social media platform or fashion blog.

3. RewardStyle

Considering this affiliate program was founded by an influencer, you can rest assured that RewardStyle is designed to fit seamlessly onto your clothing blog. This is one of the more challenging programs to be accepted into, but is worth the effort – up to 15% commission with a 30 day cookie.

4. Eddie Bauer

With a name that turns heads on the streets and brings clicks on the web, the Eddie Bauer affiliate program offers 5% commission on sales. From camping gear to exceptional customer service, this is a brand you will be proud to stand behind.

5. Zaful

Where else can you earn up to 30% commission on links that have 60 day cookies? Zaful is quickly becoming an influencer and affiliate network favorite, with exciting products and affordable prices.

6. Tea Collection

For bloggers and fashion experts who focus more on children’s clothing, this is the top children’s clothing affiliate program you can find. Tea Collection offers an 8% commission on 30 day cookies, with sale support and regular updates to drive your clicks and sales.

7. Nordstrom

Another recognizable name – another opportunity to turn your hobby into a hustle. Partnering with Nordstrom allows you to earn between 2% and 20% commission depending on the product, but be sure to come ready – these cookies only last 14 days.

8. ShoesPie

If you are searching for the ideal footwear affiliate program, shoe finally found it. ShoesPie offers 11% on footwear sales for a whopping 60 day cookie length – plenty of time for your readers to come back for round two.

9. Mr. Porter

For the opportunity to partner with one of the trusted names in men’s clothing, look no further than Mr. Porter. This affiliate program allows you to profit at 6% commission for 30 days, and you know that the products your readers explore will be the quality that can be expected from an iconic brand like Mr. Porter.

10. Just My Size

This company is specifically made for plus-size fashion lovers, and you can earn a 6% commission on sales made over the course of 7 days with your cookie. From bras and panties to formal wear, this is the ultimate stop for full-figured women with hips and curves.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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