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Constant Content Review

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We ordered two articles from Constant Content with different price points to evaluate the quality, grammar errors, turnaround, SEO efforts and more.

You can find the articles we ordered: Constant Content writing samples (537 words).

Disclaimer: At Key Content we offer high-quality custom writing content with vetted, hand-selected, professional native speakers. Content in more than 60 languages with project and account managers to help business succeed. We also offer translation and transcription services.

The Constant Content service at a glance

On the whole, the service offered by Constant Content includes pros and cons.


  • plenty of order options
  • editing by real humans
  • quality better than expected
  • total client autonomy (including budget and final content selection)


  • interface not very intuitive
  • slow content delivery
  • complex payment process
  • samples only viewable as image

Constant Content: scam or star?

That’s it for our review of Constant Content, but did it live up to expectations? The answer is a resounding yes – at least when it comes to article quality, which is some of the best we’ve seen for this price. That said, the sheer amount of choice on offer can seem a little overwhelming, with the order process and customer interface not the most intuitive. Perhaps not the best option for those in a rush, but doubtless a good long-term solution for enterprises seeking quality, unhurried content on a regular basis.

What is Constant Content?

Online content agency Constant Content provides tailor- and readymade content to brands and businesses across the world. Their registered tagline is: Content to Fuel Your Business™.

Besides claiming to write 100 per cent unique content edited by hand, the numbers around Constant Content are quite impressive. Since being founded ten years ago, they’ve grown to have a pool of 100,000 expert writers and work with more than 50,000 businesses, including big names such as Sears and Walgreens. Owned by Moresby Media Inc., the agency has offices in Canada and the USA and provides various content options including self-service, agency, and enterprise models. Want more? Other claims include 48-hour turnaround, a 30-second sign-up process, and comprehensive checks including anti-plagiarism and editing.

It all sounds good so far – but can Constant Content really back its promises? Read on for our in-depth Constant Content review.

What’s included in the Constant Content service?

Looking at the self-service option (we’ll get on to enterprise and agency later), Constant Content immediately offers more than many agencies: the option of buying either custom or readymade content. In the second category, more than 100,000 articles are available on topics from business to arts & culture, health & lifestyle to technology, allowing you to quickly find and purchase SEO-friendly content with which to feed your website. The first option is a more recognizable bespoke ordering process, but even that is slightly different to the norm, as we’ll soon see. The platform is free to use, but note that you’ll have to have credit on your account before browsing readymade articles or purchasing a custom order ($25 minimum in the first case, or whatever your custom budget is).

Content seems to be available only in English at the moment, but one benefit of the service is Constant Content’s partnership with Shutterstock. This allows you to browse a database of over 70 million images, which you can then purchase and download along with your content.

The readymade service sounds quite straightforward (one thing to be aware of here is that content is provided to browse in image form only, to prevent search engine crawling), so we decided to take the plunge and see what happened when we ordered custom content.

How the Constant Content service works

The registration process is indeed free and easy – it took a little longer than the 30 seconds suggested, but perhaps we were just being slow. Once you’ve entered your details and confirmed via the email link, you’re all ready to get started on an order.

The personal dashboard to which an account gives you access isn’t the most intuitive interface, but after clicking around a bit you’re likely to feel more at home. It’s worth familiarizing yourself before starting to use the service, as the next stage is slightly complex.

To order content, you first need to decide whether you’re putting out a public or private call for articles. As a newbie, you’ll most likely go for public, seeing as you don’t have any experience with Constant Content writers (yet). You can tailor your order according to expert groups or various other targeting filters.

Next, you’ll need to select the type of content (blog post, SEO content, articles, ebooks, white papers . . .) and provide some basic information including title, deadline, and description. Whereas other agencies have lots of boxes to tick and fields to fill, Constant Content keeps it simple: write as much or as little in the description field as you want (careful, though, as a sloppy brief will get, well, sloppy results). Note that each order is reviewed by a human editor before being accepted.

Finally, it’s on to the budget. Again, Constant Content does things a bit differently, in that authors from across the platform will be able to submit their work for your consideration. They’ll have to be happy to write within your budget, of course, so don’t expect to the greatest of work if you select the $20–30 range for a blog post of 1,000 words. Likewise you may feel $250 is a bit excessive for this kind of content, so it’s really down to your organization and what you can afford. We opted to play it safe with a budget of $50. (And later, when our order was filled, most writers offered content priced at $48–50.)

Before you can place any order, you’ll need to add credit to your account. The agency can process card payments, but there is a slight catch to this service: if you’re a new customer, like us, you’ll need to make the payment and then forward the email receipt to the Customer Service department before they release your funds. This is apparently to verify your identity and payment, and adds an extra few hours to the order process.

Once that’s sorted, you sit down and wait. And soon enough, within about 48 hours, articles will start to trickle in. Your request will expire a week after you place the order, so the longer you wait, the more articles you should get to review. They’re all visible in your personal dashboard with the name of the author and the price. Click on each one and you’ll get a sample (not the whole thing, and only as an image) and the option of purchasing the article. The content has been edited and comes with a brief keyword analysis, suggested photos to purchase at the same time, and links to other readymade articles in case you aren’t happy with any of the custom options.

So, how did our content order work out? Here’s what we ordered, and what we received.

Sample – 533 words – 1-week turnaround – $50

Of the ten articles we received for consideration, this one best met the briefing. The author also took the initiative to contact us before starting, which was appreciated – the personal touch is always nice. Good points:

  • fulfills the brief in terms of content and tone
  • goes into detail about weather, airport transportation, side trips
  • written in US English
  • well structured, with lists and subheadings
  • content is well researched, informative and useful
  • aside from a few small errors, grammar and spelling are great

Problems are generally limited:

  • keywords were used, but the minimum number of times
  • proofreading is needed before it can be published
  • the call to action at the end is a little generic

These are small points – in general, we were impressed. One other slight drawback could be the length of time it took to get the article, but other content was available sooner and it is possible to request an expedited deadline if your order is urgent.

Other features of the Constant Content service

We’ve already mentioned the Shutterstock photos, but our review of Constant Content wouldn’t be complete without diving into some other aspects of the service. First, the customizable solutions, aimed at agencies and large enterprises. With a dedicated account manager and pool of expert writers (all of whom are vetted by the company), large volumes of content can be provided on a flexible schedule that suits your needs. This could be a good option for organizations needing lots of similar content fast, like regular blog posts or thousands of product descriptions.

Finally, as many agencies do, Constant Content publishes a blog. Marketing and writing tips from gurus like Gary Vee and Neil Patel are available here, though we note it hasn’t been updated since July 2020. Clients and writers can benefit from Knowledgebase – basically a help center stuffed full of articles – and for writers there is also a dedicated forum.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
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