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The Best Content Calendar Template for 2021 – FREE Google Sheets Template

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We all know that getting organized is difficult and time consuming, but working in a disorganized way makes things messy and chaotic over time. It’s very difficult to fully focus on tasks and projects if you aren’t organized.

Being organized also helps you reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, and consistently meet your deadlines.

We’ve prepared this annual content marketing calendar template for you and your team to focus on what you want to accomplish with the content you publish online.

Get your 2021 content calendar template

Collaborate, organize and schedule your entire content marketing strategy for 2021 using this calendar on Google Sheets:

Get your content calendar template

  • To make your own copy, open the calendar here
  • Click on the ‘Make a Copy’ button.
  • Save your new template with its own name.
  • Now you can start working and invite others to collaborate.

You can also download your template to work with it in Excel on our own computer, or to print it.

How to use this content calendar

Each tab in the spreadsheet corresponds with a month of the year. It shows every day of the month with enough space to add 11 items – your posts, guide notes, and all the required actions to promote your content.

You’ll also find a useful checklist table to track your editorial projects for the month, showing who is responsible for each task, the task status, notes and more.

Get your content calendar template

Why do you need to use an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is key to your content marketing strategy. The greatest benefit of planning out your entire strategy in one calendar is that it makes it easier to be focused, organized and productive. You can use it to prepare content well in advance, and then roll it out according to your pre-planned calendar.

This also helps everyone to know what to expect each week and improves the communication and workflow in your team.

Publishers and news organizations use editorial calendars to plan ahead and work on priority content, including publicizing events and providing newsworthy information. It further allows a company to track content marketing efficiency, evaluate different approaches and keep abreast of relevant topics that are trending on social media.

The templates below will help you to create your own content marketing calendar for 2021 and learn how to use it effectively for your website, blog, e-commerce platform or social media presence.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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