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Copify Review

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We ordered two articles from Copify with different price points to evaluate the quality, grammar errors, turnaround, SEO efforts and more.

The Copify service at a glance

After trialing it for ourselves, we found the Copify service to be generally very good:


  • turnaround time as promised
  • excellent human proofreading
  • value-for-money content
  • friendly service
  • simple order process


  • only one standard of writing
  • no expedited delivery
  • content good, not outstanding
  • need to contact sales to create a customer account

Copify: scam or star?

There are plenty of content agencies out there, so to be a star you really have to offer something special. Copify sticks to a more basic model – but what it does, it does well. Though the sign-up process was a little complex, it was then simple to place an order, and we found our content to be good value for money and delivered on time. Human proofreading makes the content publishable quality and is one of the services that set this agency apart. For long-term clients (particularly in the UK) looking for friendly service and solid content, Copify is a safe and well-priced option.

What is Copify?

Online content agency Copify is one of the only leading agencies to be based in the UK. Their promise is simple and appealing: “quick, quality content written by qualified, approved copywriters”.

Based in Lancaster in the UK, Copify works with a range of businesses across the world, from major brands to startups and SMEs. Clients cited on the website include Amazon, eBay, Deloitte, AutoTrader, and recruitment service Hays. Writers are qualified and experienced, and Copify promises that they’re all English native speakers. Though there’s no indication of how large the pool of writers is, they all undergo rigorous assessment and supposedly make up the biggest network in the UK. Since it was founded in 2009, Copify has completed more than 60,000 jobs for 4,400 clients.

The website is clear and simple, the stats sound good, and the concept is attractive. But will our Copify review show it standing up to the test?

What’s included in the Copify service?

The Copify service is quite straightforward – there are no fancy add-ons here. It’s all about ordering content and getting that content delivered as quickly as possible. The platform adopts a personal approach – in other words, there’s not that much information on the website. Get in touch with customer services, though, and you’ll be emailed quickly with further information and a link to create yourself a client account. From now on, you can order content and manage payment and deliveries from your personal dashboard.

Copify is focused on English-language content, and though it’s based in the UK it also has US and Australian sites. The offering includes a range of different content types, from blog posts and press releases to ecommerce content and email writing. We decided to dive straight in and order a sample article.

How the Copify service works

The registration process is super-simple and free. Simply plug in your name, email address and password, and you’re ready to go. Once onboard, you can access a personal dashboard that looks something like this:

Placing an order is equally simple – if you have a brief to hand, you’ll be done in a couple of minutes. First, you need to choose your content type and word count from a list. We opted for a blog post of 500 words. The price and delivery schedule will be calculated automatically.

Next, it’s on to the brief. Choose your topic from a drop-down menu or insert it manually, then add a description for the writer, plus extra information like a URL and keywords. Attachments can also be uploaded if you have some sample texts you would like the writer to follow. All this goes into a briefing form, which you can preview and accept before moving on to payment.

Unlike many agencies, Copify operates a flat per-word rate for all its writers. You don’t get to choose your writer from a pool, but in theory they should all be of the same quality. Experts will match your brief to a suitable writer if industry expertise is required. Content costs £0.05 per word plus 20% VAT, though custom quotes are available for large or recurring orders. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal, and you can keep track of your balance or credit your account through the “Money” area of your dashboard.

Once you’ve created your brief and paid for your content, all you need to do is sit back and wait. Copify takes care of finding an author, and will also proofread and format your content. An estimated completion date is provided – the platform aims to turn all orders around with 48 working hours.

In fact, our content was delivered within four days including a weekend – so two working days. But aside from the turnaround time as promised, how did we feel it measured up?

Sample – 500 words – 48-hour turnaround – £30

The article generally fulfills the brief and offers good value for money without being mind-blowing. Things we liked were:

  • tone is as requested: informative and approachable
  • the author has done independent research
  • spelling and grammar is excellent
  • article is well structured
  • keywords are included naturally

Though they aren’t exactly issues, we did encounter a couple of negatives:

  • some repetition of basic words makes the tone boring in places
  • subheadings are informative but not catchy
  • standard content – sights and activities mentioned are the most obvious
  • no contractions (e.g. “you’re”, “it’s”) can make the tone a bit too formal

These negatives are mainly personal preference and could be ironed out quickly or communicated to the author for future orders. The standard is generally impressive given the price; we’d say this article is publish-ready after just one pass.

Other features of the Copify service

We mentioned before that the Copify service is quite simple – this platform really does focus on high-quality content and nothing else. That said, clients can take advantage of a couple of extra services: translation and blog writing. Blog packages are available for businesses or brands looking to produce regular content for a blog – Copify will take care of SEO keyword research, and can even format and publish the posts once they’ve been written. When it comes to translation, you can upload an English text and have it translated into one of 32 languages, including French, Korean, Tagalog, and Dutch.

And of course, Copify wouldn’t be a proper content agency without a blog. The Copify blog features various articles on all things content – from SEO training to copywriting niches, professional content writing courses, and even tips on how to invoice. Lots of these pieces are aimed at content writers, but clients or strategists may well find them helpful too.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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