B2B: 0 to 20,000 organic visitors/month in 6 months

If you are just starting, growing your website might seem an impossible journey.
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You see your competitors ranking just because of their website authority they accumulated over years and with poor content…

We had 0 organic visits before October 2020, now we are growing 140% month after month with no backlinks.

Source: Google Analytics, October 2020 to March 2021.

Source: Google Search Console, October 2020 to March 2021 (Blue: clicks, Purple: impressions, Orange: average position).

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How did we do it?

That’s how we do it, and you can too.

An increase of 22.389,47% since we started our website back in October 2020. And a total of 550 new pages and articles.

From 0 to 6.800 organic keywords in 6 months for Key-Content.com.

At this pace, we will probably reach 100k a month in the next 4 months (less than a year since we started investing in the website).

Some statistics

Only 373 pages are providing the traffic of the total (550 pages). We still have 177 pages to rank and some room of improvement for the ones that are getting traffic.

We invested a total of 503,300 words in 3 languages so far on the content of the website:

  • Posts: 101 blog posts of 197,597 words
  • Services: 228 pages of 169,050 words
  • Clients: 103 pages of 86,458 words
  • Pages and Tools: 118 pages of 36,234 words
  • 33 hours and 33 minutes of reading time.

What’s next?

Keep publishing great content, improve our published content, and start promoting more to gather mentions and backlinks from relevant sites.

Continue helping our clients grow their sites with high quality content, if you want to grow with a content partner check out our prices or contact us.

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