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Visit Madrid

Spain has since the 60 been a very popular touristic spot, and it doesn't come as a surprise that its biggest city is also an touristic hub.

Madrid has many things to see, it doesn't matter what type of tourist you are: you are going to find something for you ! Gastronomy, fun, Sun, culture... Madrid offers it all.

Fly to Madrid:

Madrid has a single airport: Madrid-Barajas, more recently renamed Adolfo Suárez (you will oftentimes see both names get used). This airport is considered to be the biggest one in Spain, and its 5 passenger terminals are fully furnished with everything you might need in an airport: restaurants, pubs, pharmacists...

All of their terminals are in the same place and can be reached by walking, except for the T4S which is a little further away and has a special bus service to take you there.

Madrid-Barajas is also extremely well connected, with an underground station inside of it that connects it to the rest of the city, a train service, and numerous taxis to bring you there and back.

Madrid's gastronomy

If you are a food conoisseur or gourmet, you will be at ease in Madrid: the food is excellent and you will find just about any kind of restaurant you could ever want.

Perhaps the most popular one is the Santceloni, in the Paseo de la Castellana and located right inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This high class, luxury restaurant offers mediterranean food with a touch of class: try their elvers (baby eels), a very popular dish in Spain, eating mainly during celebrations and festivities.

The Kabuki Wellington is just as popular: located in the less well known restaurant offers fusion cuisine food for every taste: a mix of Spanish and Japanese food that will leave no one indifferent.

If you prefer to enjoy some more traditional food in a laid back ambient, we would recommend some of Madrid's pubs: Empanadas Malvón Retiro offers a reasonably priced mix of Spanish and Argentinian cuisine thanks to their empanadas, a food very popular in both countries; and the Trattoria Pulcinella specializes in Italian food: the favourite of the locals are their excellent, top notch pizzas and calzonnes.

If you want an evening snack, drop by a local café and try a café con leche (café au lait) or, in the colder months, a carajillo (coffee, usually mixed with brandy).

What to see in Madrid

Calle de Velázquez, this In Madrid you are never going to be at loss when it comes to culture. If you love architecture, we recommend the Templo de Debod: an antique Egyptian temple that is resting "al fresco" in Calle de Ferraz.

The temple, the fountains and the gardden are an absolute delight for the lovers of Egyptian history and traditional architecture.

The Parque del Retiro is just as beautiful: filled with trees, greenery, a lake where you can rent a boat and
some magnificent XIXth Century architecture, this is a place where to relax on a sunny day.

If you are partial to museums, Madrid's not short on them: the el Prado, the Reina Sofía, the Thyssen, the Museo del Traje, the Museo del Romanticismo... a quick Google search will help you locate the one that best matches your interests.

When to visit

Madrid is located right in the center of Spain, which means the weather is milder than in the North or the
South, and less humid.

Just about any time is good to visit, but if you are looking to visit Madrid for "fiesta" and fun we would recommend the Summer and Spring, as that is where most University students will be on holiday and where most music festivals and raves happen !

Sample 2 – Standard quality rating – 500 words – 5-day turnaround – $3.30

Unmissable Tips for Sightseeing in Barcelona

Barcelona, or Barna, for those who know it well used to be one of the very underrated jewels of the Catalonia region. That all changed when the city hosted the 1992 Olympic Games and opened its ports to the world. Now the city is a tourist hub with a worldwide reputation of good weather, good food and sightseeing tours. The city, for all its coastal landscapes and bustling night life, it is best experienced during the not so busy season, meaning the best time to visit Barcelona would be either in May or September. The Mediterranean climate is mild all year round and the streets are at their best when drained from crowds and the overwhelming tourist madness. Low-cost as well as international airlines fly to Barcelona direct, or another easy way to reach Barcelona's El Prat airport will be via a nonstop flight from Madrid. Once you've arrived at El Prat, it’s easy enough to get from there to the city center and travelers take the journey by either train or taxi.

If you've done your research on what to see in Barcelona, you can either hit the mandatory landmarks and navigate the city through Gaudi’s architectural works, namely iconic places like the church of the Sagrada Familia or the magnificent facade of the Casa Mila or even the sculptural buildings of the Park Guel. Or you might then prefer traveling the city by cable car that would then lead to the top of the hill of Montjuïc where you’d get an amazing overview of the view. Then of course, there’s La Rambla, the tree-lined street at at the heart of the city center where passersby get distracted enough by the street performers to fully ignore the Miro Circle, inlaid right on the pavement bellow their feet.

For one thing any of the invaluable local guides will tell you is that is the city best enjoyed at a local and rather more intimate level. The Mercado de la Boqueria, for example is a world renowned food market with stalls brimming with the best culinary treats the city has to offer. On the same vein, true urban dwellers might find themselves walking past the huge bronze sculpture of a cat aptly Named El Gato del Raval or Raval Cat, a beloved signpost indicative of the colorful district their dwelling feet are about the enter. Raval is not only the city’s oldest neighbourhood, it's also a blooming bar area and a medieval quarter filled with coffee shops and late night restaurants offering sangria and cerveza till the wee hours of the morning.

While looking for street art, the Jardins de les 3 Xemeneies would be another unmissable sight as again this is again one the most overlooked open air art spaces. If there is one more thing that defines the Catalonian capital, besides the charming atmospheric streets and the jaw-drooping monuments, that has got to be the food and for a taste of the local cuisine, there is no other place like the Blai street which has of the best tapas and pinchos in the city. Last but not least, there are some great beaches in Barcelona, so as to make sure you’re not missing on too much, do book a few more days and make the most of your stay in beautiful sunny Barna.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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