Japanese Character Counter

Free online Japanese character count tool without limits.


Number of characters (including spaces)
Number of characters (ignoring spaces)
Number of lines
Number of paragraphs
Manuscript paper conversion (400x? pages)

Tools: Word Counter · Character Counter · Word Frequency Counter

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About Japanese Character Counter

A Japanese character counter is an incredibly useful tool if you are writing an original Japanese text, or translating or transcreating from another language. 

Characters are the basis of the Japanese language, so knowing exactly how many you are using can help to keep your ideas succinct and phrasing smooth. It’s also essential to keep track of if writing for character-limited software, such as social media. 

A text of any length can be typed into the counter in real time, or using the copy and paste function from another document. The results can also be converted into other useful numbers, like line, paragraph, word or page counts.