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Top 10 Pet Affiliate Programs

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There might be one single thing that humans seem to agree on - our pets deserve to live their best lives.

This is evident from the massive success of the pet industry, nearly generating $100 billion each year. If you have a blog, website, or social media platform that focuses on taking care of a furry friend (or two…or three?), you stand to make some money of your own from pet affiliate marketing. We put together the top ten affiliate marketing programs available, so you can find the purrfect match for your needs.

1. Chewy

One of the challenges that comes with affiliate programs is ensuring that the pet health products, from pet food and dog treats to cat trees and bully sticks, are top quality that you trust. With Chewy, you can rest assured that you are promoting the best products available. And with a $20 flat rate for every new customer you bring in over your cookie life of 15 days, just imagine how much money you can make by partnering with this trusted name!

2. Petco

Speaking of trusted names, Petco is another iconic member of the pet industry that would be a great addition to your banner ads or Facebook page. You can earn 8% from every sale generated through your links over the course of a 7 day cookie life.

3. Petplan

Any pet owner will confirm that pets can be expensive, especially when it comes to medical bills. By partnering with Petplan pet insurance, you can earn $25 for every new enrollment that you initiate through 30 days of cookie life.

4. Rover

As much as we would like to spend every waking hour alongside our furry friends, that is not always possible. Rover offers reliable pet sitting, doggie daycare, and dog walking – and with a 15% commission per referral on a 30 day cookie, you will be just as happy to see someone enroll.

5. Brain Training for Dogs

Yes, we know that your dog is the smartest pup in the world. They would still benefit from time with Adrienne Farricelli, who created Brain Training for Dogs. This offers incredible commission benefits, with 75% per sale on a 60 day cookie life.

6. Ruffwear

Ready to hit the mountain trails or get out on the water? Dogs need outdoor gear and clothing just like humans, and you can earn an 8% commission rate with a 30 day cookie from this affiliate program.

7. This Dog’s Life

Some people prefer the great indoors to the great outdoors, and the same goes for our furry friends. This Dog’s Life is here to make your pets look as fabulous as they feel, and you can earn a 10% commission rate from this ShareASale affiliate over the course of 30 days.

8. Animal Den

What is the one thing you can always get a pet lover for a gift? Something related to their pet! Animal Den is one of the top pet gift destinations for humans and animals alike. With a 13% commission on 45 day cookie life, you will be just as enthusiastic about gift-giving.

9. Furbo

Ever want to keep an eye on your pet while you are at work? Furbo offers the chance to monitor, interact, and even feed treats to your pet from a smart device. As a ShareASale affiliate, they also offer you a 5% commission per sale on a 30 day cookie life.

10. Whistle

Every pet owner knows the panic you feel if you ever lose track of your dog, cat, or any animal. With Whistle GPS tracking, you can find them easily – even if you have a runner. It also offers health tracking so you can keep an eye on their heart rate and pet health information on long walks or car rides. You can earn a 10% commission per sale for 30 days with this affiliate program.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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