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SEO Podcast: Grow your Podcast Audience with Search

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As podcasts grow in popularity, so does their presence on search engines. Since Google began including podcasts in search results back in 2019, the race to control podcast SEO (search engine optimization) has been fast and furious.

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How do you keep up with the big-name companies that are putting out their podcasts with massive advertising and marketing campaigns for huge pockets of existing customers? Here is how to make sure your audio content is put to good use with one secret tool—transcription.

What is transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting the audio from your podcast into notes and text. This can be done with any audio content—from YouTube videos to Apple Podcasts. Click here to learn more about how to transcribe your podcasts, and programs to speed up the process.

The text from your audio content is then published on the landing page for your podcast, and can be used by individuals with hearing disabilities, or even for fans who want to go back and find a certain segment without listening to the entire episode again.

How does transcription help improve my podcast SEO?

When you transcribe a podcast, you increase one of the primary tools that is used for search engines: keywords. With more text and keywords for a search engine to pull up, your podcast or audio content is more likely to bump up higher in search results and increase your ratings.

You should still conduct keyword research to ensure your selected keywords are following the trends of popular searches and clicks. Include full transcriptions on the landing page for your podcast, but consider breaking them into chapters or segments to avoid overwhelming readers.

Remember, even though you are using transcription for SEO success, this is still a vital part of accessibility. Make your transcription appearance reader-friendly with font and size.

Why does podcast SEO matter?

Just because you publish a podcast on iTunes or YouTube doesn’t mean you will generate a loyal audience of podcast listeners immediately. You can build your following organically through a strong SEO strategy and using your transcriptions for marketing. Beyond using them as keywords, transcription can help drive traffic to your content with catchy quotes and searchable phrases.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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