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What is it? How does it work?

The story of affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is a traditional method of online advertising based on performance. In short, it means getting revenue by promoting other companies’ products or services, with different methods of compensation – per sale or per click, to name just two. 

Although sometimes complex to manage, affiliate marketing is still a major strategy when it comes to digital marketing – and the industry revenues are there to prove it.

Is affiliate marketing still worth it?


Yes, definitely – whether you’re a merchant promoting your brand or an affiliate marketer broadcasting it. 

Affiliate marketing has an advantage over other methods: your potential audience is already inclined to pay attention because they’re on a vehicle that is somehow related to your brand – possibly even in the same niche. And the key to effectively grabbing the attention of this audience? That’s right: great content.

Affiliate marketing loves content


Affiliate marketers all agree on one thing: quality content – allied with ads in the right channels – is crucial.

If it’s engaging, compelling and useful, it will stand out, whether it’s placed on a landing page, a free version of an app or a paid ad on a search engine results page. Basically, your content will build your success.

Making affiliate marketing possible


Regardless of whether it’s a blog post, an ebook, a white paper or a custom landing page, content is what drives the internet. And this is as true of affiliate marketing as it is of any other advertising channel. 

You need great affiliate content on both sides of the equation. Be it a business that needs catchy content in an ad, or a marketer who requires great content on a given platform to attract users, content is a huge piece in the affiliate marketing puzzle.

Affiliate content marketing: the to-do list

Since affiliate marketing is meant to be tailored to a specific audience, great content is key to generating engagement, clicks and conversions.

  • Define your audience
  • Establish your niche
  • Consider your content options
  • Customize your writing
  • Work with keywords
  • Track your results

Affiliate content marketing, step by step

1. Are you talking to me?

Whether you’re selling or advertising, it’s always important to know who your target audience is. Work with a keyword research tool to define your potential customers.

3. Your kind of affiliate content marketing

Defining your target audience and your niche will help you create focused content to better advertise your brand – or to display ads for companies related to your content.

2. Queries and keywords

Pay attention to the queries your audience is using. Employ high-value keywords in your ads. This will expand the visibility of your content.

4 - One size doesn't fit all

Your affiliate content needs to be customized to your consumers and the platforms they use. It has to be attractive and useful to the viewer, in every possible way, shape and form.

Key Content's Affiliate Marketing Services

Whether you’re looking at selling your products in an affiliate network or creating special content to offer display ads,
our team of quality professionals has got you covered.

A tailor-made message
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We will work to create affiliate marketing content that is specific to your brand's territory, as well as your audience's interests.
Search-oriented content
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Our affiliate content marketing employs keyword optimization and search queries to maximize user attraction.
Focus on results
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Our affiliate marketing services are designed to bring actual results – regardless of the platform, ad or content.

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