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Reinvent your SEO with an article rewriting service


An article rewriting service will reposition existing content to use on your own website. Why would you want that? It’s all about increasing your website traffic while saving time and money. 

Content rewriting bolsters your SEO and at the same time engages users with your site. You can use it to move people along a persuasive “user journey” through your site – that turns them from visitors into customers. To be successful you should provide a constant stream of fresh, original, and useful content articles. 

In return, Google will give your website content more “authority,” ranking it higher in search results. This creates more traffic, more visitors, more customers, and ultimately, more revenue – without having to employ expensive writing experts yourself.

Why would I need an article rewriting service – isn’t paraphrasing good enough?


Paraphrasing will only get you so far. At best, you’ll end up with a rehash of the original article, but you’ll lose the flair that hooks the reader. You need content rewriting professionals who can totally reinvent content to read like a fresh and original article. 

Good text should contain virtually no traces of the original, while still giving the same information value. Key Content employs thousands of professional rewriters who are native language speakers and SEO experts. They can skillfully weave all the right keywords into your content to boost your website’s position on search results pages.

How do you pull this off without plagiarism?


The trick to avoiding plagiarism is to lose the paraphrasing approach and start with a clean slate of text. A skillful rewriter is able to absorb the original content and writes it freshly and originally – without even referring to the source article again. This removes all risks of plagiarism and ensures that your own article is a self-standing piece of work in its own right.

With a professional and experienced article rewriting service, you’ll be able to publish first-rate, fresh content on your own website all the time. Your rewards will be higher search engine visibility and a thriving, more profitable, and updated website.