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How brand content creates visibility

What is branded content?


Let’s start by explaining what branded content is not: normal advertising.

Branded content can be virtually anything, because it’s not selling anything. What matters here is the creativity, the appeal, the message.

It could be a blog post. A podcast. A series of short films. Newsletters. A social media campaign. The concept – and how the sponsoring company associates with it – is the key.

Why is brand content so great?


Because it’s more compelling and engaging than traditional content marketing. And because it has a strong message or values that a company wants to promote.

Since it isn’t regular advertising, it’s more interesting and relevant. And for that reason it generates attention and engagement with the brand behind it.

Brand awareness at its best


Let’s say your company makes sports apparel and you create a branded content campaign: a series of video interviews with health professionals. You’re educating your audience about a critical topic, and gaining brand awareness in the process.

It’s totally different from all other marketing ads and activities out there. That’s why branded content generates much more brand recall than regular ads. It tells a story. Invests in a strong concept. Creates a personality.

Giving your brand a personality


What brand content aims to achieve is a deeper connection to the audience – one that will make the brand remembered.

The key concepts here are shared values and positive experiences, not sales. What it accomplishes, if successful, is creating a personality for the brand in question and leaving it fixed in the mind of its potential audience.

Why branded content marketing works

Brand content helps to create a meaningful conversation with your audience by talking about more relevant things – like values, perspectives and style.

  • Target audience definition
  • Concept and values consideration
  • Best format definition
  • Content and message elaboration
  • Keyword optimization
  • Results tracking

What makes great brand content?

1. Always focus on the audience

Great branded content is always user-focused, beyond any business goal. It’s meant to share concepts and values with the audience, resulting in brand awareness over the long run.

3. Work your brand text

Once the concept and the medium have been defined, elaborate your message in the best possible way. Go for an emotional connection, but focused on the values and ideas. It’s all about resonating with the public.

2. Use the right medium

An effective branded content marketing campaign will prioritize the best channel to convey its story. It could be video, text, social media – whatever best serves the message at hand.

4 - Look out for SEO

If you’re using brand text, don’t forget to consider SEO. Use queries that the audience is using, employ high-value keywords, and do some outreach to spread the word – and possibly get backlinks in the process.

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Our branded content marketing services are created to help your audience relate to and remember your brand,
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Telling your brand's story
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We work with skilled content creators to develop an important concept that relates to your company's values.
Building connection and trust
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By developing a concept and message, we help establish trust with your potential customers.
Engagement as a priority
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Regardless of the medium, our top goal will always be to captivate and engage with your audience.