Category Description Services

How can it help your website

Why are category pages so important?


In a nutshell: SEO! Category (and sub-category) pages are among the most visited pages on any website, because they combine groups of similar pages or products.

Creating optimized, well-structured category descriptions – associated with strategic keywords that users look for – is going to help search engines better understand your website and, as a result, attract a wider audience.

We're going to need some
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Optimizing a category’s description, title, URL, tags and other SEO items with strategic keywords is crucial for your website. The reasoning is simple: users will normally search for the generic kind of keywords that categories and sub-categories use as primary ones.

If the website is an e-commerce one, this becomes even more crucial, because the categories will usually be associated with the products or services that users look for.

Categories are pillars...


…in your website’s structure. Every time you create a new relevant category with an optimized description and focused on a keyword with a high search volume, you increase your “SEO real estate”.

And by woking on a consistent internal link arrangement, you also make these pages stronger from an organic traffic standpoint.

Category description as a strategy


Working category pages into landing pages is one of the best SEO strategies you can adopt for your business. And a quality category description service is the backbone of this process.

In essence, you’re helping your users find what they’re looking for, and making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website.

How to use category description to drive traffic

Category description can make each category and sub-category more relevant, useful and visible. By working with content optimized to valuable keywords, each category can become an evergreen landing page.

  • Research and analysis
  • Site structure and user experience
  • Category creation and optimization
  • Content strategy
  • Monitoring of performance
  • Unique and evergreen categories

Category Description and SEO

1. Start from the beginning: research!

Research – both on-page and off-page – will be key in determining your categories’ current status on some important fronts: traffic, keyword research, competition, and more.

3. Let's rework some categories

Once the needs are defined in terms of category and structure, it’s time to actually work on necessary changes – creating new categories, rearranging obsolete ones, and reworking the overall website hierarchy.

5. How is my category doing?

Your category descriptions, URLs, titles and other points are all checked and optimized. It’s time to look at performance. Implement a regular ranking and traffic monitoring system to check for success – or lack thereof.

2. How's your structure keeping up?

When looking into category creation and description, it’s always important to consider site structure and user experience. Any new (or updated) category should always improve your website in both aspects.

4 - A good content plan

With a clear idea of your keyword strategy and site map, it’s time to build a content strategy that will cover all of your categories – both new and existing ones.

6. Categories made to last

This monitoring will tell you when you need to adjust or improve your category description and optimization. The idea is to have categories that will rank well and attract users over a long period of time.

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Category Description by Key Content

Our category description service is designed to increase your website’s visibility and performance. We work with highly skilled SEO and 
content professionals to deliver long-term, results-driven category description and optimization processes.

Research, evaluation, assessment
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Each category description project begins with a detailed analysis of traffic, keyword and ranking aspects.
Overall site structure and UX
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We will look into your site map to determine the best possibilities for new or updated categories.
Optimal category creation
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Our category description service will point out creation, merging, removal – any options that will improve your website.
Long-term content creation
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We will structure the creation of content for your website's categories, working with experienced content writers to deliver high output.
SEO performance verification
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We will keep a close eye on how your SEO is doing, and implement adjustments to your category description strategy if needed.
Good, consistent categories
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Our category description service delivers pages that fulfill every SEO requirement, while also being compelling to readers and consumers.