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Content Management Teams help?

How does the world of content
management work?


Through content strategy, content creation, content publishing and measurement of results (among many other tasks), a content management project coordinates the very identity of a business online.

A lot of team players are required for this process to work, with many different backgrounds. In some cases, the system is run with a focus on creativity, with decisions taken by the content creators/experts themselves. In others, it can acquire a more managerial aspect, with the focus on analytical control and meeting deadlines.

Ideally, a properly working content production project will achieve the perfect balance between these two worlds: creativity and analysis; content production and content administration.

This allows each vision, with its own particular strengths, to contribute to a satisfactory final result.

How do content and management
work together?


Content production and output can involve multiple channels, professionals, applications and systems. Each of these is a piece of the big puzzle – be it a skilled stakeholder working on creation, a content system created to store and publish content pieces, or an analytical tool designed to measure how effective the project is.

This is where a Project Manager becomes so important: to coordinate all the efforts involved and guarantee that the alignment between them is optimal. What happens in the real world is that a lot of companies have creativity-focused systems, with little attention paid to the actual management part.

A content agency with considerable experience will have gone through many improvements in this process and can bring a lot of time- and money-saving efforts to the table.

I want the full content service
with extra cheese


A full content management service with specialized professionals can be advantageous to any business’ long-term content game. Recapping the fact that running an internal content production team is (really) not for everyone: what would an outsourced system look like?

First, there’s a contact point between agency and company – to manage all communications, handle the output, and work with the feedback to make necessary adjustments. Then, a highly qualified production manager oversees the market managers, who are themselves coordinating the actual content talent behind the scenes: writers, editors, reviewers, videomakers, etc.

What’s more: a good content agency will be able to offer a content strategy plan as well, based on what your company’s long-term goals are and what your audience expects from you.

We're only here for the content


A content marketing plan can be extremely complex to execute. Let’s say you already have a top-notch content plan ready to be developed. Who’s going to do this? Do you have a team up to the task?

You would certainly need a large team consisting of a number of professionals from different skillsets and backgrounds to make it happen. A lot of companies just don’t have these resources, as it wouldn’t be cost-effective to hire them all.

The good news? This entire process can be outsourced to a good content agency that will take care of everything. With an efficient system, clear communication and dedicated professionals, your content plan could come to life in a much easier way.

A management system to handle every aspect of content


An effective content marketing management system can coordinate and optimize all the creative and analytical aspects of a content production plan: creation, coordination, delivery and improvement (if necessary).

  • Assessment of content plan
  • Definition of content requirements
  • Selection of content stakeholders
  • Establishment of communication channels
  • Management of content projects
  • Feedback consideration and improvement

The benefits of a content management program

1. Setting the content stage

What is expected from a content plan? What problem is the company trying to solve with this content strategy? What content channels will be involved and how many content professionals will be required? A content management project will consider these points – among many others – before beginning.

3. Tell me, what's on your (content) mind?

Each project will involve unforseen circumstances, changes, adjustments and required improvements. That’s where the feedback comes in. A good content management plan should always take these into consideration in order to improve the long-term results of the entire process.

5. One project manager to manage them all

The project manager will report directly to the communications focal point, providing timely updates about each piece of content production and delivery team. But most importantly, the project manager will make sure things run smoothly between the market managers and the content-creating/-reviewing professionals. In short: the PM is in charge!

2. What kind of content do I need?

With valuable insights brought by the content strategy plan (provided either by the client or by the agency itself), the content management team will define detailed needs in terms of content output and production. Aspects like channels, scale and delivery numbers will all be considered.

4 - How's your content plan doing?

Apart from a team of highly skilled content creators, a good content management plan will include a focal point for every company. To make things simpler, it should ideally be one person who goes back and forth between the project’s demands and its deliveries.

6. Assemble the content heroes!

Once the details and numbers are in, it’s time to go after the stars of this content show. They’re the content creators: who they are and how many of them will be needed to bring this content dream to life.

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Content Management by Key Content

We are a content agency with experience in creating content management projects that feature highly skilled professionals, clear guidelines,
optimal communication and a good flow between all steps of the plan. Here’s our work ethic:

A clear content assessment...
Read More understand where we are in terms of current content, and where we need to go.
A content requirement plan...
Read More define which content channels, tools and overall delivery volumes will be necessary.
Skilled content stakeholders...
Read More create, review and manage the output of content production across its different mediums.
Effective communication...
Read More update your business every step of the way, and to act promptly if necessary.
A focus on project management...
Read More make sure all teams are aligned towards the desired results and timelines.
Room for feedback...
Read More allow any necessary changes and updates to be easily incorporated into the project.