Content Marketing Consultancy

What exactly does a consultant do?

Getting your brand up there


A content marketing consultant will take your brand to new levels of awareness with the public. In short, by assessing your content, planning a strategy and executing it with the right professionals and teams. A consultant will look at every angle of your project and always offer the best solution. I need a content
marketing consultant?


A content marketing consultant will help develop your content plan in all its different aspects. For instance, how to develop your content piece following a great idea, how to organize the activities of your internal content team or, most importantly, how to build a long-term content plan.

Content marketing consultant:
a teacher and a maestro


A content marketing consultancy service will involve lots of communication with different teams: your company staff, outsourced professionals, copywriters, SEO specialists, and many more. By looking at the grand design of your content marketing strategy, the consultant will coordinate the efforts of each player to bring your vision to life.

From a bird's eye view


The main benefit of a content marketing consultancy service is independence. A professional who works outside your organization will be able to see things you’re not seeing. This means paying attention to all the details, identifying gaps, seeing the uniqueness of your business, and devising an equally unique and well-made content strategy.

How a content marketing consultancy can help any company


By having a distinct vision from above, with experience on all fronts of the content marketing industry. A consultant will tell you exactly where your content gaps are and how to fill them.

  • Conducting a content audit
  • Identifying your audience
  • Helping find your company’s voice
  • Creating a content plan
  • Executing your content plan
  • Managing content stakeholders

A great content marketing consultancy...

1. ...will save you money (and time)

Content marketing service professionals will have the experience and skills to save you a lot of time – and money – while devising and executing your content plan.

3. ...will assess your content

By listing a content and manpower inventory, a consultant will be able to identify all your shortcomings and provide solid recommendations in both areas.

5. ...will get your content optimized

Not only optimize it from a search engine standpoint, but also for every channel where it will be present.

2. ...will help you realize your vision

If content marketing services are the pathway to helping your business achieve its goals, a content marketing consultant can help you with the “how”: making your plan a reality.

4. ...will come up with a content plan

Based on insights about your current content status, audience and objectives, a content strategy consultancy will create a customized plan to fit your needs.

6. ...will bring your message to life

Regardless of the content outlets where your vision will be broadcast, a content marketing consultant will work with insights and the proper stakeholders to make it clear and effective.

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Content Marketing Consultancy by Key Content

We deliver content marketing consultancy services that will carefully look at your business goals and audience,
creating a connection between them with the best resources available.

Content for audiences
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We focus on content marketing that catches the eye of an audience, with engagement as a fundamental concern.
Content that solves problems
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Our content will be engaging and compelling, but also useful. We want your content to solve your users' queries.
Content for the long run
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Content marketing is about long-term commitment, and our consultancy takes this very seriously – every step of the way.
Collaborative content
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Our content marketing consultancy will seek the best collaborators – internal or external to your business – to deliver the best results.
Content that builds trust
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Our consulting services will focus on establishing trust with your audience – a key factor that comes before converting them into customers.
Content that adds value
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Our content marketing services will enhance your overall message by adding long-term value to it.