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Is content marketing still effective?
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Content marketing and its reach

Content marketing connects with your audience by providing them with information that they were already looking for.

It’s hard to measure how far it can go, because content is part of everything we do to communicate messages to others. With or without marketing. Sure, when you add “marketing” to the mix, you’re talking about goals and targets, which are necessary for any organization to thrive. 

But we think the world of content marketing because of its uniqueness: it’s a form of advertising in which you’re actually helping your audience.

Why is content marketing so important?

Content marketing is part of an overall inbound marketing strategy to engage with an audience. Within this scope, content marketing services have a powerful edge on other marketing channels.

The reasoning is simple: you’recreating a conversation with your audience in a particular moment when they are more open to receiving your message. As marketers, we all know how hard it is to capture an audience’s attention, especially in a world where attention is very scarce. In keeping with this logic, we think that traditional outreach campaigns can be incredibly hard to manage and drive results from. It can be much more effective to create a content marketing campaign where your potential users will come to you.

A customer's journey through content marketing

Let’s recall the purchase funnel: a journey on which each (potential) customer goes through different steps to reach a conversion. There are different versions, but it’s basically like this: awareness / discovery; interest / consideration; desire / preference; and finally purchase / conversion. 

The great thing about content marketing is that it can help in any of these steps. Think of SEO landing pages, product descriptions, testimonials, reviews, newsletters… From the discovery (when you get found) to the purchase (when you’ve finally gained trust), good content marketing can help create positive results with your users at any of these stages.

But ... is content marketing really for my business?

Yes. Regardless of what your goals are, good content marketing can help. You want to educate your audience about your product? Drive sales? Create compelling product reviews? Content is there to help you create this connection to your readers and, most importantly, to control it. Content marketing, in its many forms, will create something to talk about, and give your audience the means to do it. 

With the right content marketing plan and adequate channels, you can start building trust with your audience. And, from there, your other marketing goals can be achieved.

Take a look at some of the (possible) results

One important point: how to demonstrate the benefits of a good digital content marketing campaign. Some of them might be more difficult to grasp, like brand awareness. But let’s focus on some of the clearer results you might get. 

You could see a spike in your traffic, based on an improvement of your SEO content strategy. Your conversions could go up as well, because you were able to engage with your users, earning their trust and influencing their decisions. 

Of course, these benefits might take a while to show, but the important thing is to create exposure and be found by your audience. And this is what great content does in any case.

Finally: is content marketing worth it?

Of course! But have patience – success doesn’t happen overnight. 

Your content might go through many different iterations and adjustments before it finds its best forms. Your content promotion, via social media or other channels, might need some updating. And even your evergreen SEO landing page might require some maintenance. 

It’s all part of the same long journey towards your organization’s objectives, and how a comprehensive content marketing service can help you get there.

How to get the best out of a content marketing consultant

First: what a marketing consultant does

A content marketing consultant will shape your overall content strategy and find the best opportunities for your content. Traffic, sales, engagement, leads… All of these things begin with users interacting with some kind of content in some way. A content strategy will dictate how potential customers find you and relate to your company or brand. Which means you need to have content made for people – your users (or future users).

It's all part of a content plan

The first thing a good content marketing consultant will do is create a detailed plan for your content. They will consider all your content assets, determine where the gaps are, and propose an action plan with measurable goals.

An analytical eye for the content marketer

Speaking of measurements, another key quality in a content marketing consultant is the ability to track performance and results. This is not an easy skill, but it comes with lots of learning and experience over the years. Your content marketer needs to take data analysis very seriously and measure how well each activity or campaign is going.

Good content needs value and longevity

A skilled content marketing professional will focus on content strategies that benefit you in the long term. Whether it’severgreen SEO content, engaging social media posts or a compelling newsletter piece, it has to connect to your audience and have value that won’t disappear tomorrow. It needs authenticity in order to create engagement, and quality to survive the test of time.

So how can a content marketing consultant help?

In a nutshell, by coming up with the best content strategy for your business. SEO landing pages, blog posts, social media content, brand texts… the possibilities of content are many, but they all need two important things. First, a well-thought-out content plan suited to each situation, focusing on each project’s strengths. And second, experienced content marketing consultants who are able to engage with any audience through high-quality content.

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