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SEO Content Writing Services

Why do I need a copywriter?

OK, tell me how copywriting works.

A good copywriter will find the middle ground between what your users are looking for and what your organization can provide. Regardless of what you’re doing online, it all starts with content that’s compelling. After all, your users, readers and customers need to care about what you are offering them. 

That means you’re not simply going to buy articles online. You’re going to need a comprehensive content marketing strategy that involves a great deal of specialized copywriting. Your digital content is going to make a difference because it is well made, researched and tailored to your audience’s interests.

The pros and pros of copywriting services

That title isn’t wrong – we really mean it like that. There really are no cons to a good copywriting service. Good content can only bring benefits to your online project. Whether it’s improving your SEO game, developing awareness of a brand, increasing conversions or generating social media buzz, it all comes through a well-written message. 

With this in mind, you need to be sure to order the right kind of content. The kind that is made specifically for you, with your objective in mind and based on a solid understanding of your audience.

Search engines really love content

Thinking about buying SEO articles for your website? SEO is a big part of copywriting, and vice versa. Consider on-page SEO, where you optimize your content to search engines and your users’ questions. A good copywriting service will do this in the best possible way: with research and analysis. 

Things like keyword intent, keyword density and quality content will be a big part of the process. And, if it’s done well, you’re going to have content for your website that serves your users’ queries and sends positive signals to search engines across the web at the same time.

What your content can do for sales ... and more

Copywriting services, in that sense, are going to educate your audience about your business, recommend products and services, and earn you trust. But when we include the word “marketing” after “content”, it gets a new meaning. 

When this happens, the scales are tipped in your favor, as users are very much more likely to choose you over the competition. Your content becomes attached to the specific goals and objectives of your organization. Those goals could be related (but not limited) to driving sales, for example. It isn’t easy or fast, though: you need patience and experienced copywriters in the process.

Copywriting means talking with your users

Some views out there on content copywriting aren’t always true. Yes, it’s important to be creative, but It’s less about simply being creative and more about being effective. With content experts conducting thorough research, the most specific aspects of any business can be translated into unique content that will also be interesting to users. 

Let’s think of the bridge that connects a company to its users. It has to be made of the best “materials”: content that is so interesting that it will leverage audience response and engagement.

So, what content do you recommend?

A lot of websites offer the possibility to order content online. Whether you need a press release, a product description, a blog article or even brand copy, you can choose your content writing item and add it to your shopping cart. 

With Key Content, it’s not like that: we want to understand your business as fully as possible. By doing this and understanding what makes your company unique, we’ll come up with a specific strategy focusing on your strengths. Be it an SEO article, category optimization or maybe a good review of your meta descriptions, it’s important that this strategy fits your brand – and nobody else’s.

What makes a good copywriter?

Good copywriting takes some research ...

To get good insights, it pays to study the topic and go in-depth. It’s pointless to write about any topic – least of all marketing-related content – without knowing what you’re talking about.

A good deal of research is needed before a copywriting service can be performed. Otherwise, it will become clear that knowledge about the subject matter just isn’t there.

... and a lot of powerful keywords

The research that needs to go into copywriting is also about keywords. They are the terms your audience is somehow using to find you. 

With that in mind, even if the content is great, it won’t do much for you if it doesn’t include those keywords. Keyword research needs to be at the top of every copywriter’s priority list.

Hey, some specific SEO knowledge is also great

Apart from the keyword research, it’s also great to know a thing or two about SEO. It will make any copywriter a better professional. 

Things like meta descriptions, title tags, a bit of HTML or knowing how to analyze traffic can really provide a strong edge when trying to find the right touch for users and search engines.

A great copywriter will strive for balance

Speaking of the right touch: good copywriting is mainly about finding the middle ground between writing for people and writing for search engines. 

Sure, it needs to be made for humans: it is a bit of a sales pitch, and it has to offer something to your audience. But it also takes search engines and their basic optimization needs into consideration, always.

Experience, knowledge and flexibility in copywriting

The bottom line is this: if you’re going to buy content for your website, look for experience as a principal requirement. Copywriting that stands out requires some time spent in the business to make adjustments and fill the gaps. 

After a lot of improvement, a professional will be able to craft content that drives reactions from users – their content will be tailored to understanding people and possibly influencing them towards results.

After trying several agencies, we settled on Key Content
for its level of involvement, personal touch
and ability to synchronize with our teams.
M. Gómez | Head of Intl. Organic Growth
StubHub, eBay

Content writing can make you great

What's the deal with
website content writing?


Well, content is basically the reason anyone comes to your website, right? Anything you want to communicate to your audience comes through a form of content, be it text, image, video or another format.

And written content is quite possibly the most important part, because not only will it be consumed by your users, it will also work as a reference for search engines.

After all, it’s not enough for readers to enjoy it – they need to be able to find it, and your written content is a way for search algorithms to know what your page is actually about.

Website content writers...or heroes?


If your website’s written content is where its biggest value lies, we can call website content planners and writers your heroes.

Your content needs to be well structured, your information carefully organized, your text optimized, your points trustworthy. That’s why your content strategy is crucial, and why quality content is essential for any organization to succeed in the digital landscape – a landscape in which user attention is incredibly scarce and competition fierce.

With this in mind, creating a content strategy and executing the website content writing part is by no means an easy task.

Website content is for your audience


In the end, your website’s visitors will decide how good (or not) your content is. For this reason, it should be planned and executed with your audience in mind – always.

How is this interesting to your readers, and what kind of benefit does it deliver them? What kind of problem does it solve? If the answers to these questions aren’t quite clear to you, you should probably be rethinking your entire content plan.

Because without actual value for your users, it’s not going to go far.

No one said content writing was easy


Some content works, some doesn’t. Sometimes your writing is great, but it doesn’t strike a chord with the readers – instead, sometimes the exact opposite happens.

To write well, be relevant, have a good flow, get the right tone, and – most importantly – bring actual value to the table is difficult. But that’s what it takes to get noticed online, and it needs to be done the right way.

Also, the great thing about website content is that you can monitor its performance and improve it if the results aren’t that great. That’s a key part of any website’s effective content strategy.

The essentials of website content writing

Great website content writing brings value to its users while also being attractive and engaging. Content writing is one of the most efficient tools available to achieve website visibility and its associated goals.

  • Define your positioning
  • Set your goals
  • Look at your current content
  • Optimize your writing
  • Use the right tone and flow
  • Track your performance

How to write great website content

1. The meaning of content

What makes your product, website or brand unique and how does your content translate this into words? What do you expect to reach with your website content? Reflect upon these questions before beginning.

3. What's your full content story?

It’s a good idea to have a clear picture of where your current content initiatives are. This will allow you to see any shortcomings, gaps and opportunities and never loose sight of where you are going.

5. Come on, content, light my fire

An adequate tone, the copy outline, the text flow, the overall structure – work and re-work all of these aspects to achieve a pleasant website content experience for your audience.

2. Where we're going, we need content

Once you’ve been able to position your organization and how you want your content to help, set up specific goals to be reached. Traffic, sales, leads – whatever you want to achieve, it needs to be defined in order to be measured.

4 - It's not great until it's optimized

Optimize for search engines and the channels you’re using. Work with SEO to maximize exposure of your content, and optimize written content according to its medium and goals. But remember: don’t overdo it.

6. Is your content hitting the mark?

Organize a tracking process to keep up with all your website content’s performance – whatever your priority metrics might be. This will help you know where things are going great and where you need to change them.

Website Content Writing Services by Key Content

We have a long record of digital content writing projects across diverse platforms and brands.
Our goal has always been to create content that brings actual value to the user.

Brand and content proposition
Read More
We will work to clearly define the actual benefit that needs to be transmitted by your website content, based on your company's goals and values.
Definition of targets
Read More
Our website content writing service will be closely associated with specific objectives that will guide the entire creative process – and be measured thereafter.
Website content audit
Read More
We will look into your current website content to check for gaps and possibilities.
SEO-oriented content writing
Read More
Our website copywriting is carefully optimized wtih the best and latest SEO practices, to improve visibility and authority.
Engaging, to-the-point content
Read More
We will develop your website content's shape, tone, flow and overall simplicity to convey ideas in a fun, engaging way.
Measurement of results
Read More
We keep careful track of your results to check what's working and what's not – and to adjust the content strategy accordingly.

First: what does SEO
content mean?

SEO content is optimized and improved for search engines, without forgetting about the readers who will engage with it. An SEO copywriter is able to create and adapt content with this balance in mind.

Using features like metadata, headers, internal links and more, SEO content can be compelling, but also optimized. Along with being interesting to the reader, a successful SEO content is going to need keyword optimization as a fundamental requirement. After all, before the users, search engines and crawlers need to be able to find it in the first place.

This is a basic need for your content to be alive, and SEO copywriting services are designed to fill this gap. This is achieved with lots of keyword research, data and
competition insights.

Humans or search engines?

Online content is about balance. Balance between technical and human aspects, between algorithms and emotions. It might be the best content out there, but if no one finds it and interacts with it, it’s not going to be very useful.

This balance is exactly what SEO copywriting can do for any content marketing strategy: not only to create great content, but also to optimize it for search engine crawlers to pick it up and offer it to searchers.

This is a basic need for your content to be alive, and SEO copywriting services are designed to fill this gap. This is achieved with lots of keyword research, data and
competition insights.

The benefits of
an SEO copywriter

An SEO copywriter will iterate your content with all the tools available so that it meet what it takes to get found. We all want our online content to rank first, or at least in the first three positions. But it’s not that easy: in order to accomplish this, this content needs to be unique and to have authority.

What does it mean to be unique? To be attractive to the end user (be it a customer or not) and to answer this user’s query in a way that no other website is doing it. When it comes to authority, it is a consequence of the content’s quality: it will be given to your website by others in the form of links, visits, time spent on your site, etc. For all these reasons, an SEO copywriting service is not rocket science, but it’s not that simple either.

Let's talk a bit more about

How do search engines evaluate authority? It’s about quality and referrals, especially after some major algorithm updates in recent years.

By creating consistent, interesting and optimized content for your website, you will appeal to potential users by solving their problem. You are offering a solution to their query. You will start getting noticed, and getting referrals, which are similar to votes.

The more “quality” votes you get, the better you will rank. Your online content might be interesting and optimized with the best keywords. But if it doesn’t have visibility and it’s not referred to by other websites and platforms, it’s not going to work. In that sense, your content needs to build links, and not any links. Links from quality websites, because quality is more important than quantity.

Do you need an SEO content strategy?

The answer is yes. Whether you’re running an e-commerce, a news website or a blog about a particular topic, you need a well-developed SEO and keyword strategy to make your content visible. Here are the needs that an SEO copywriting service
will cover:

  • Interesting, relevant, useful content
  • Well optimized and balanced keywords
  • Content that stands out for a long time / “evergreen”
  • Content researched against competition
  • Authoritative content with referrals from other websites
  • Shareable content with positive social media signals

The SEO content marketing steps

1. How does content work?

In order to communicate anything to anyone, content is needed. It’s how your voice is heard online (and offline too, for that matter). In short, content is anything we use to talk to our audience, in any way, shape or form.

3. How do content and marketing work together?

Creating great content will allow your brand to be talked about, your product to appear to its potential consumers, your articles to be shared…basically, your message to be broadcast. And here’s where SEO becomes so vital for the entire process.

5. SEO content marketing and your audience

SEO content promotes your message effectively because it directs your content to users who were already looking for it. This is done through research, assessments, insights, and specialized tools. Without SEO to promote it, content would be severely limited. And without content, SEO would not have its main purpose. It’s a winning combination, and it will always
be so.

2. How do we define marketing?

Now we step into a different territory: the world “marketing” comes in and we add purpose to our content. We make it unique to fit a particular goal. It might be to increase traffic, or to drive leads, or to boost sales. Never mind the goal itself; it’s about the message, and how that message connects to your objectives.

4 - What can SEO content marketing do for me?

SEO will allow your content to be found. If we consider your online content as a bridge between you and your customers, then the SEO copywriting service will be its main engineer. If you want to effectively promote your content, SEO copywriting is one of the best resources you’ve got.

6. When should I hire an SEO copywriter?

A good SEO copywriting service will allow search engines to crawl your content and get a good idea of what it is. At the same time, it will make your content interesting for your potential users. It will turn your business objectives into solutions for queries that users already have. In a summary: it will enable your content to be useful online.

Why Key Content SEO Copywriting services?

Because we work with experienced, high-quality SEO copywriters that will give your content visibility and
authority. That’s what we strive to achieve with every SEO project.
Visible content
Read More
Key Content works with SEO copywriting services and critical tools available to determine what keywords will make the biggest difference for your digital presence.
Useful content
Read More
Our SEO writing will look for the best alternatives in making your message and goals aligned to highly-searched queries online.
Authoritative content
Read More
We'll carry out research to identify the best relevant terms and keywords for your project. The goal is to be authoritative.
Evergreen content
Read More
The longer your content lasts, the more of a reference it will be. We work to create SEO content that will be relevant today or tomorrow, with minimal updating required.
Unique content
Read More
It's not enough to be interesting, it has to be unique. Our SEO copywriting services work with your users' engagement in mind.
Yes, content IS king...
Read More
...and SEO content is its castle. This is at the heart of what we do: content that is engaging and visible at the same time.

Article writing for content strategy?

hands writing

Telling a story through article writing


Good-quality, unique content is getting more and more important these days. Why? Because there’s way too much content to go around. And it’s harder than ever to grab readers’ attention.

Well, nothing is the definition of great content quite like a great article. Articles have a unique tone, consistency, in-depth topic coverage and all-round appeal that few other pieces of content can have, and they’re a great item in any content strategy set for the long haul.

A great article means authority


The great thing about a detailed article? It can make the public see your brand with different eyes. If it’s well written and contains relevant insights, it conveys authority. And, as a result, your company will be considered a trustworthy source of information.

Once you’ve been established as an expert, your audience will come back for more. This can bring traffic, referrals, backlinks and even conversions – if you create an adequate connection with your product pages.

girls writing table

Articles: the best of both worlds


Article writing can often represent the bridge between attractive and authoritative when it comes to online content.

It’s not unusual to see one without the other – articles that are great fun to read, but not very authoritative, or article content that’s very well regarded (such as academic articles) but very dull to go through.

A professional writer will successfully create an article that falls into both spheres, with enough compelling content and factual information to make it a great addition to your company’s online presence.

An article is a long-term investment


Writing isn’t easy. Writing great content that strikes a chord with your readers is even more difficult. From researching a topic to polishing the article to be on point – it takes a lot to produce something that will stand out. But it’s worth it.

It’s one of the best ways to keep your audience connected – to both your brand and your content. Not to mention the big accomplishments a great article brings, be that sharing useful information with your readers or getting long-term visibility.

boy hand writing

How a great article is created

A great article writing service will employ all that is necessary for generating unique content: research, creativity, keyword research, optimization, engagement and relevant information on the topic.

  • Researching the topic
  • Knowing your readers
  • Working with structure
  • Using accessible tone (and language)
  • Looking out for SEO
  • Allowing feedback and participation

What makes a good article writer?

1. Being an expert (or almost)

If you’re not a specialist or expert on the topic, it’s good to learn about it. Researching the topic, keyword research and identifying the main themes associated with your subject will always pay off big time.

3. A neat and tidy outline

Organize your article nicely, with a beginning, middle and end. Structure your information in a way that will make it attractive to your readers.

5. Write for everyone

Use a great tone, a nice flow, and not-too-complicated words. Try to avoid sounding too fancy. The goal is to make your article as accessible and readable as possible.

2. Is there anybody out there?

Whenever possible, try to get data and information about your audience. Some demographics about your website would be great to start with. The topics they’re into – also great.

4 - Don't forget optimization

If your article content aims to be around for a long time, then it needs to be optimized with keywords, internal links, titles, headers – all that makes great SEO.

6. Your feedback is greatly appreciated

Allow your audience to comment and give feedback on your article. Better yet, ask them to do it. This engagement will give your article even more buzz and visibility.

Article writing services by Key Content

We are an online marketing agency specialized in great content services for all purposes. We work with professional-quality article
writers to create powerful, engaging content for your brand.

In-depth research
Read More
Our team of article writers will conduct research into the topic at hand, ensuring accuracy and relevancy.
Audience insights
Read More
We use available data to get to know your audience better – and customize your articles for them.
Structuring and organizing
Read More
Our article writing service will shape the content in the clearest, most informative way to make sure it makes an impact.
Your voice, tone and experience
Read More
We will create your article using a fun, friendly and compelling way of writing, so your content will be enjoyable to read – and be remembered.
Honed for SEO
Read More
Our experience of many SEO projects will guide our optimization of your article creation, following the very best practices of the market.
Tuned to your view
Read More
We will update and restructure your article according to your feedback, for whatever reasons you deem necessary.