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Our team of vetted, professional SEO content writers and editors delivers ready-to-publish content on any scale. We prioritise content quality to attract traffic and improve search engine rankings.

With over 13 years of experience, we’ve helped more than 100 customers in 15 countries increase their organic traffic, including eDreams, Amazon, eBay, and many more. Trust our expertise to achieve your content goals.

Let’s discuss your content needs. We offer a free consultation to help you with tailored high-quality content writing services for your website.

Professional Content Writing Services

Your one-stop shop for all your content needs. From blog posts, city pages, product descriptions, SEO content, press releases, article writing, long-form content, metadata, guest posts, newsletters, social media posts, and more.

Custom Content Services

We focus on content marketing strategies to help improve engagement, content that resonates your target audience to boost search engine rankings. Our professional writers will create original content to improve your search engine rankings. 

Our content writers are experts in search engine optimization. We have more than 13 years of experience in SEO and creating relevant content for big players online. 

Optimized Quality Content for your Website

At Key Content, we help companies achieve their business goals with original, search engine optimized content that is focused on conversion. 

After trying several agencies, we settled on Key Content
for its level of involvement, personal touch
and ability to synchronize with our teams.
M. Gómez | Head of Intl. Organic Growth
StubHub, eBay

Keyword Research done for you

Key Content will help you find the best SEO Keywords for your products or services with comprehensive keyword research, with search volume and search terms, competitive analysis and an analysis report.

Expert Writers

At Key Content, we help companies achieve their business goals with original, search engine optimized content that is focused on conversion. 

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Content Marketing Facts

How can content marketing help a business?

Content marketing gets 3+ times as many leads as outbound marketing. It also costs less – around 62%, to be precise. Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads per dollar spent on paid search campaigns.

Why is content marketing important for B2B?

93% of B2B marketers use content marketing, according to the CMI. And in fact, TopRankBlog says that the most successful of these B2B marketers are spending roughly 39% of their marketing budget on content marketing. The same website says that B2B marketers use around 13 different content marketing tactics.

What types of content do you offer?

We can help you with any piece of content. Our professional content writing services include a wide range of content types: blog writing, long-form articles, video content, social media content, writing website content, article writing, and more. 

Why is content marketing effective?

Social Media Examiner found that 58% of marketers find “original written content” to be the most important part of their strategy. According to DemandMetric, 78% of CMOs surveyed see content marketing as the future of marketing.

Which content marketing is best?

According to ImpactPlus, 77% of internet users read blogs. The CMI follows that up by saying small businesses with blogs generate 126% more lead growth than those who don’t blog.

Do you offer blog articles?

Yes, our content creation services include blog content. We can offer well-written, compelling content that is written by industry experts. It’s an affordable option with quick turnaround times. Our SEO expert will help you with the topic ideas, research search terms, and help you find the best talent in our writer pool. 

Improve your CTR with FAQ and Q&A snippets

We can help you update your existing content with Q&A. FAQ snippets can help increase your visibility in search results and your CTR (by up to 30%), and they make your content eligible for Voice Search Actions.