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Creating a solid content marketing strategy isn’t just critical for any business to connect with its audience and increase its brand presence across different internet channelsThe main aim of a content agency should be to find each brand’s own original voice to use across the web, to connect with its users, generating long-term results. Its content strategy should also be highly adaptable and constantly updated according to business needs, goals and overall market changes.

That’s where our skilled content writers come in. We connect any company with high-quality content writing services that are designed to adapt to its changing requirements and results.

We connect any company with high-quality content writing services that are designed to adapt to its changing requirements and results. We want to help your business to reach its full potential in its digital presence, whether that’s in creating user engagement, generating social media buzz, sustaining a long-term SEO performance, increasing online leads, or developing conversions. Successful content marketing should be about consistency and flexibility, and this is what Key Content delivers in each of its content marketing projects.

By working closely with your team and identifying specific content requirements based on what your business wants to achieve, we aim to help your organization to have a long-lasting presence across the web.

Why Key Content?


Working closely to define your company's needs

Our goal is to connect the needs of any business with a variety of content services that are trustworthy and specific to its strategy. We begin by working with every client to understand what the key needs of their content marketing projects are. 

With every project we strive to maintain the highest levels of efficiency and quality, getting to know each company as much as possible, so we can identify the best way to deliver results.


Personalized treatment and experience: a winning combination

We aim to deliver content services that are customized to the specific circumstances of your business and the goals you want to achieve. To do this, our team will communicate clearly and work alongside your team to fully understand each situation. 

With a clear idea of what you need and a mindset geared towards adapting to your communication strategy, we’ll work with scalability and clear guidelines to provide the best content writing possible in a reasonable timeframe.


Problem-solving to save your company time

Within the scope of our content marketing services, we are deeply focused on problem-solving as regards each project. Right from the very beginning, our content writing team will work to identify issues in advance and overcome any problems that might arise during the process. 

We work in an efficient way to ensure that any doubts are raised in a timely manner, making sure each project is delivered promptly to create a trusting working atmosphere between all parties.

What can a good content strategy do for you?

60 languages to expand your audience across the world

Increasing your digital presence means increasing your online audience, and this is at the core of our business as a content agency. To achieve this aim, your content writing needs to be not just valuable, but also accessible in different markets and various languages across the globe. 

Our expertise from many years of content services allows us to offer you engaging content in more than 60 languages, working closely with talented content writers, editors and translators to deliver significant results in each of our activities. Our highly skilled professionals will reach your desired audience wherever they are.

Authoritative and evergreen content

Our objective is to deliver content services that will stand the test of time. Our content production is made under the concept of “evergreen”: pieces designed to have authority and be as relevant as possible, today or in the future. 

With this in mind, we want to produce content that is fresh and relevant to capture and retain a unique audience within the content strategy of any organization. We want our content writing to be informative, shareable and useful, so that your users will react positively to it, engage with it and come back for more.

SEO: your content ready to be found

Search engine optimization is one of the most relevant activities you can do for your content strategy. With correct application, SEO can increase any company’s visibility in a big way, precisely because the content involved is tailored to the exact audience that is looking for it. 

Through specialized keyword research, on and offpage optimization, link building, metadata analysis and many other features, the content writing provided by Key Content will strike the perfect balance between your audience and search engines, being both relevant to your target users and highly traceable by search engines at the same time.

Ready to publish with the best quality

Your content pieces shouldn’t just be delivered punctually, but they also need to show the best possible quality in every detail. At Key Content, we constantly review our processes to improve our work, with quality controls along the entire creation process that allow us to deliver top value in all our content writing. 

We’re able to do this by working with a diverse team of professionals in many languages, who work with solid reviewing, proofreading and editing activities to create and refine content pieces that won’t just make your brand stand out, but will also be delivered to the best quality standards and ready to be published.

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