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eBook writing: the whole story​

An ebook – or electronic book – uses a digital format to present its content to the reader. The usual format of choice is PDF, but others are widely used as well (such as .AZW, the format used for Kindle books).

The great thing about ebooks is their versatility. Readers are able to catch up with them any time, anywhere, using a variety of devices such as iPhones, Kindles, Nooks, Android phones, tablets and so on.

Why should I write an ebook?


Apart from the versatility – and much like a regular book – an ebook can be a great opportunity not only to offer quality content to your audience, but also to create brand awareness, generate leads and get inbound traffic to your website.

Most importantly, it can give you something quite unique in the realm of content marketing: authority. After all, it’s one thing to publish an article on a given topic, but another thing altogether to have published an ebook on the subject.

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Writing an ebook ain't easy...


…just like writing a normal book isn’t. You might have a lot of ideas, but regardless of the topic at hand, you’re going to need to do a lot of research. The reasoning is simple: anyone interested in an ebook wants in-depth details, evidence, examples.

Staying on the surface just won’t do. Also, you’re going to need elements like design, layout, references, etc. In short: a rather difficult task, but it can bring a lot of interesting benefits for you and your brand.

How about some help with your ebook?


If an ebook sounds like a great idea for your company but you don’t have the time to go after all the details, an ebook writing service is the best option. A specialized content marketing agency will help you develop your ideas, structure your chapters, organize your layout, look into publishing details, and much more.

A successful ebook can be a life-changing experience: not only might you and your brand become incredibly well known, but it can also represent a source of income for an extended period of time.

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How to write a great ebook

While getting an ebook published can be a complex challenge, it can also be incredibly rewarding. A great ebook can bring authority, brand awareness, traffic, leads and a steady source of monetization.

  • Do your research
  • Align with your audience
  • Structure each chapter
  • Pay attention to design
  • Focus on engagement
  • Don’t forget optimization

A great ebook writer...

1. ...will conduct in-depth research

Even if you’ve already mastered the subject, you can’t afford to leave any detail behind. Thorough research is crucial before starting the ebook writing process.

3. ...will have a clear outline

It’s important to organize your ideas effectively in a clear, structured way. Use your chapters to do this and create a better reading experience.

5. ...will worry about visuals

The content may be the most important part, but visuals are equally relevant. Make sure to use suitable fonts, templates, colors, graphics and covers – it really does make a difference.

2. ...will focus on the reader

Connect with your audience by giving them what they expect. Study your users to know what they want from you or your business.

4 - ...will write in an engaging way

It’s not enough to have great concepts and ideas, they need to be compelling. Use quotes, calls to action, questions, etc. – be engaging and fun.

6. ...will use SEO

It’s a great idea to use landing pages and blog articles to promote your ebook. Use a good SEO strategy with valued keywords to create visibility for your ebook on your website.

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eBook Writing Services by Key Content

We are a digital content agency offering specialized ebook writing services for you and your brand.
We work with high-quality professionals on every step of the process, from conception to publishing.

Research and analysis
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We work with in-depth research to determine the most important concepts of your ebook.
Made for your audience
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We look into your audience to make sure that your ebook will solve their queries regarding the subject at hand.
Clear structuring
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We will define each chapter and theme in a concise way, creating an interesting reading experience.
Attractive design
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From the cover to the fonts used, we create great overall visuals to make your ebook more compelling.
Flow and engagement
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We will collaborate with you to create the right tone and flow for your ebook.
Visibility strategy
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We will develop an SEO strategy to make sure your ebook and its themes are found by the readers who are looking for them.