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Find your invisible customers with eCommerce SEO services.

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There are two kinds of potential customers on the Internet: those you know about and those you probably don’t even know exist. All your marketing efforts are rightly focused on acquiring and retaining the customers you know for sure are out there. Ecommerce SEO services focus on the ones you don’t see, unlocking additional untapped revenue.

So, are eCommerce SEO services some kind of magic wand?

Not at all. In fact, it’s best to steer clear of any eCommerce SEO agency that promises you something like that. The real reason that SEO services for eCommerce websites can uncover untapped market segments is pretty simple and logical.

Even though you might not know who they are, you have a good general idea of the people who want to buy your goods or services. You’ll have researched their demographics, buying patterns, pain points, needs, and so on. You’ll have done your homework and are probably providing an efficient website experience for them already. Let’s call them your “visible” customers.

However, there is also an “invisible” customer base that you possibly don’t even realize is there. These are all the potential customers who would want to buy your services but aren’t aware that you even exist. They search the Internet for precisely what you offer, but because your website doesn’t have any eCommerce SEO, it never appears in their search results. They never see, let alone visit your website.

So, imagine if you could uncover who these potential customers are and start marketing successfully to them in a targeted way. There’s no need to explain the potential impact on your bottom line. That’s what an eCommerce SEO service can do for you.

How do eCommerce SEO services do this?

Once again there are no magic tricks involved in successful eCommerce SEO services that bring a real return on investment. It’s about in-depth analysis, intelligent strategy, expert implementation, and good old-fashioned ongoing work at the coalface.

The reason why it is so effective at uncovering hitherto unknown customers is that eCommerce SEO analyses the actual search phrases that potential customers are using to find the products or services your company offers. Your website may well match other search terms, but these are critical to uncover, because without them you won’t reach the people using them.

Once your eCommerce SEO service has discovered these terms and analyzed their usage patterns, it will implement a variety of SEO elements on your website to ensure that your website starts appearing to these customers too. These can range from image optimization to refreshing your website content for better SEO positioning.

Is that all that I need from eCommerce SEO services?

To succeed in the highly competitive online world, another important aspect of effective eCommerce SEO services is known as content marketing. It requires constantly writing fresh, original content and regularly publishing it on your website. This increases the authority that Google confers on your website, helping to propel it higher up the rankings as time goes on.

Besides that, it’s important to regularly analyze and assess the performance of the search terms you are using. You also need to continue tweaking these and other eCommerce SEO elements of your site. This is to ensure that it always keeps up with any changes that Google makes to its algorithms that determine your website’s ranking in the search results pages.

Why choose Key Content for eCommerce SEO services?

We have 12 years of experience in providing eCommerce SEO services in some of the most competitive online industries, like travel and fashion. Our clients include highly successful online and real-world brands like eBay, KAYAK, SIXT, Reebok, and momondo.

You’ll have our large team of experts at your disposal, each of whom specializes in a specific aspect of eCommerce SEO, so we can provide highly effective comprehensive SEO strategies, along with all the necessary implementations.

With Key Content eCommerce SEO services, you can start tapping into your hidden customer base and unlocking the value that’s waiting for you there.