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Editing: the way of taking content

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How can editing services help your content

I want to know what editing is...

In essence, it’s all about making content better. We know that simply putting your thoughts on paper isn’t enough – it needs to be the best version of your thoughts possible. You need to organize your ideas clearly, get the right tone, and be convincing about every point you’re making.

But my content is already great!

It probably is, but it can always be better. That’s where editing comes in – to take it to the top of its game. We work with professionals from a wide range of backgrounds in many different topics and content forms. They will go through any copy and determine the areas where it can improve.

So how does an editing service work?

A qualified native-speaking editor with relevant background and experience will be able to work wonders on any text. Grammar, syntax, tone, style, factual information, consistency and other aspects will be checked and re-checked. All details will be taken into consideration to make sure your message is clear and understandable.

Mr. SEO, will you come to the editing office?

At Key Content, SEO is an important part of everything we do, and we will look at your copy from an optimization standpoint too. By conducting in-depth research on the best keywords related to your content, we’ll upgrade your online content to meet the requirements of search engines as well. After all, it’s not enough to be great – your contentneeds to have visibility too.

But what kind of content needs editing?

All sorts of content can benefit from editing services, really. Advertising copywriting, scripts, academic documents, publications, product descriptions and much more. The goal is always to add more value to the piece of content at hand, working with the right editor for each project when it comes to knowledge of and familiarity with the subject matter.

A great editing service's ladder

First, your content will be reviewed by a qualified editing professional, who will look for any mistakes and make the necessary changes. The changes themselves will be analyzed and discussed with the client – feedback is important. Then, the document will be re-reviewed by a senior editor to make sure it’s “bulletproof” in its main aspects: grammar, tone, style and overall structure, plus clarity of ideas.

How to choose the best editor for your content

Let's start from the beginning...

An editor’s main task is to optimize any piece of content to its full potential. A professional will make sure your content tells a cohesive story, with clearly expressed ideas and the best structure to fit your particular message.

An editor's journey

Apart from having incredible language skills, communication chops and solid experience in editing services, your editor should preferably have a background in the subject matter as well. This will ensure even better results.

Editors have utility belts as well

Well, not literally – but they do have many tools at their disposal. Text processors, editing software and plagiarism checkers are just some of the items in a good editor’s toolbox. Oh, and don’t forget about SEO and keyword optimization platforms.

Editors and project managers: a true romance

Apart from highly qualified copy-editing professionals, we work with project managers to make sure each content piece is assigned to the editor best suited to the task at hand, both in the copy-editing and reviewing stages. The project manager will also make sure that delivery timelines are strictly followed.

Your content shining bright like a diamond

To sum it up, an editing professional will be the protector and enhancer of your content. Through a complex process that involves analysis, insights and feedback, they will improve and add incredible value to your every project.

The Key Content team is always available,
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J.L. Caefa | Manager Online Editorial
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