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Why email marketing is important

Email marketing vs. email copywriting


Anything that involves sending commercial content through email can be considered email marketing. It might have different goals – to reach new customers, to advertise new products or services, to build engagement – but it all falls under the same umbrella.

And email copywriting is how you get there. To develop your message, you need meaningful, interesting and engaging content – produced by a skilled writer.

What's so great about email marketing?


First things first: great email copy is still a very efficient way of driving user engagement and leads. If done correctly, email marketing can help in many ways: brand awareness, audience retention, conversions.

However, it can be tricky – it needs to be fresh, unique and relevant. Your email copywriting really has to catch the eye of your readers – before they even open your email.

More goodies on email marketing content

Email marketing has big advantages. Cost reduction, for example. By reaching the inbox of a large number of people – who check their emails daily, by the way – your email campaign can be much more effective than other channels.

From there, all sorts of goals can be reached. Getting more traffic, identifying leads and increasing sales – to name just a few.

So, do I need email writing services?


Yes. You probably lack the time and the resources to coordinate a great email newsletter campaign. Or you don’t have quite the expertise needed to create unique, attractive content.

Then again, maybe you need help with your day-to-day email writing and communication needs. In any of these cases, a professional email writing service will help your business – in no small way.

How to create a great email marketing campaign

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to connect with an audience and influence them – by providing powerful content directly to their inbox.

  • Define your audience
  • Set your goals
  • Build your email list
  • Develop your email copy
  • Take care of all elements
  • Look at results

Email marketing at its best

1. Creating an email audience

Once you’ve defined who your target users are, work with a strategy to get new subscribers to your email campaign. From there, maintain and develop your list.

3. What's the email content type?

Weekly newsletters. Subscriber information. New product announcements. Customer or vendor updates. Define what kinds of email writing you’re going to need before starting.

2. Work with great email copywriting

Once your readers have opened your email, you’re still only halfway there. You need captivating and exciting email copy to make them interact with it.

4 - Tracking and adjusting

Check the main metrics associated with your email campaign. Opening rate, traffic, click-through rate, conversions… you name it. Adjust and implement changes when necessary.

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From product descriptions to blog articles and everything in between, we help you improve your sales with content.

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Key Content's Email Writing Services

Our email writing services are created to support your email marketing campaigns, create engaging email copywriting
or cover any of your business’ other email writing needs.

Unique email marketing content
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We work with highly skilled, native-speaking content creators specialized in email copywriting.
Focus on all elements
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We look into all the important elements of your email marketing content project: subjects, titles, copy and design.
Performance-based monitoring
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We will keep track of the top metrics associated with your email campaigns to determine if any changes are necessary.