Essay Rewriting Service

Our essay rewriting service is designed to help you score better and meet your deadlines. 
We will rewrite your paper to avoid plagiarism and get the best essay.

Here’s how an essay rewriting
service really works


The Internet has changed academic essay writing. There is now so much information online that avoiding plagiarism in your essay writing can be like walking across the I-405 in LA blindfolded. 

So, don’t spend your precious writing time exhaustively checking if your essay contains text that also happens to be in some corner of the Internet. 

There’s a smarter way. An essay rewriting service like ours will do all of that for you. We’ll also professionally polish your assignment using our rewriters who are all highly experienced in academic essay writing.

Why would I use essay rewriting – won’t you just paraphrase my paper?


With Key Content, your essay rewriter will always be a native language speaker, so you won’t get a piece of clumsy paraphrasing back. Your assignment will be handled by a writer with a high-level academic background. They know what it takes. 

You can submit your paper with utter confidence. In fact, paraphrasing is the opposite of our approach. To do this would rob your essay of its individuality. So, we don’t paraphrase your assignment at all. Your rewriter will preserve your own writing style while improving the flow of the text. If necessary, they’ll tighten the structure or remove superfluous text too.

How will I really know that my paper is free of plagiarism?


That’s a perfectly reasonable question – if you had to check our essay rewriting for plagiarism yourself that would defeat the whole point. Our secret sauce is that our rewriters aren’t only very experienced at writing academic papers – they’re also digital natives. 

They’ve spent their writing careers online and have plagiarism detection down to a fine art. Truth is, we wouldn’t hire anyone else. We take your assignment and academic ethics just as seriously as you do. Or, more to the point, we value plagiarism about as much as your university does!

In the modern digital world, it can be all too easy to hit a plagiarism tripwire. It’s safer to entrust your assignment to an expert essay rewriting service. You simply submit your paper, and we’ll look after everything for you.