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How an international SEO agency can turn marketing overheads into clear profit

There’s a big difference between a broadly global SEO approach and a clearly researched, laser targeted international SEO strategy. And in that difference can lie business revenue that you don’t even know your website could generate. How so? In the same way that you’ll get more revenue from an individual relationship with each customer in a brick-and-mortar store, this also happens online. 

People tend to buy from businesses they know and trust, and an international SEO strategy plays a big part. If you do all of your global SEO right, you’ll reap the rewards – from increased revenue to expansion and real market growth in other territories. 

You can turn a website that was merely functioning as a marketing cost center into a profitable source of business income. You’ll discover an increased audience, get more organic website traffic, and get geographically targeted feedback to use to increase leads and conversions.

So, what does an international SEO consultant actually do differently?

The first thing that an international SEO agency like Key Content will do is analyze your website metrics. These need to be closely aligned with your online business strategy and its objectives. The starting point for this is to clearly define these aims. If you don’t have anything to work towards to use as a yardstick for progress, you’re basically working in the dark.

That’s never a good thing, especially if your competitors all have bright headlamps on so they can see each minute detail of their global SEO strategy playing out. And can constantly adjust it for maximum search engine benefit. But strategy goals remain pie in the sky unless you also define exactly how you’re going to measure your progress towards them. So, for each of the international SEO objectives you can identify, we will pinpoint a metric that’ll allow us to measure development and growth.

Having done these, you need to assess the marketing conditions in the territory you where you want to establish yourself. Knowledge of purchasing patterns, of the levels of demand for your products and services, of and local shopping quirks and preferences are crucial. You have to know your market almost as well as you know your own business.

What SEO tactics will you use as my international SEO consultant? Are they all above board?

Everyone has heard at least one story about a business that suffered censure on Google for overdoing the international SEO tactics on its website. A measured and organic SEO approach always informed by territory-specific market intelligence works best in this realm. The first tactic is to do country-specific keyword research to discover what people in the country actually search for when looking for your kind of products or services.

Then comes the website structure plan, also known as SEO information architecture and UX preparation. Questions we’ll research and answer include whether it will actually be cost-effective to launch a dedicated website for any one country. If so, the next thing to decide is whether to add a new section to your existing website or to build a new one dedicated to the country in question. The latter is usually the most effective way to go, as it gives your website traffic a place to visit where they will feel completely at home. This comfort level improves the chances of converting them into paying business customers.

Now comes the actual global SEO implementation. Every aspect of your website needs to be tailored to what you’ve learned about your target market. This includes your visible content and your local link-building efforts. In some parts of the world, Google isn’t even the most popular search engine, so your website must also be positioned to take advantage of their search algorithms too. These are search engines like Russia’s Yandex, South Korea’s Naver, and the most popular of the search engines in China, Baidu. They each have their own ranking requirements and keeping track of it all requires a proper professional international SEO agency.

Once everything is implemented, the final part of the global SEO strategy loop must be closed, so that everything functions as a seamlessly integrated whole. This includes content translation, sometimes into multiple languages, and a centralized SEO reporting system for the analytics you gather. This is how you keep track of how well you are meeting your strategy objectives and identify areas to improve.

To sum it all up – without a properly worked out and international SEO strategy you may as well try and sell goods on the street in a language you don’t understand. It’s the golden ticket to expanding and fostering your business into new territories and growing new sources of revenue. All of this makes Key Content the international SEO agency you’ve been looking for.

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