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Up till now, machine translation often tended to be a clunky process of direct word replacement without any finesse. Thankfully, we’ve reached a point where computer software can produce professionally crafted copy as a first draft. No longer do machine translation services need to appear mechanistic to readers.

Content needs context


Even when the best machine translation produces accurate native language copy, the computer still doesn’t actually understand the content. By applying further machine learning and AI technology, we are now able to create the rich reading experience you need to inform clients effectively and sell your products and services.

Machine translation quality


Multidimensional quality metrics are required to judge the quality of machine translation services. They’re used to set the requirements of the translated texts and to define expectations for the copy. MQM vastly improves the automated quality control processes that we can build into our AI translation systems.

Perfect AI–human balance


To create truly high-quality, professional machine translation content that will engage readers, we need a combination of computing power and human quality control. Achieving this perfect balance creates fast, efficient, cost-effective machine translation services that will achieve your online content marketing aims in your chosen target countries.

Why use machine translation services?

The best machine translation delivers the best of all worlds, using the optimal combination of rapid AI translation technology and native language human quality evaluation. So you get:

  • Reliable customer experience
  • Native language quality
  • High accuracy levels
  • Reduced resource costs
  • Volume and scalability
  • Automation and speed

Machine translation benefits

1. Reduced launch times

Machine translation removes the need to spend months preparing content in a different language to launch in a new region.

3. Grow your footprint

Machine translation allows you to use native language content to expand and market your business anywhere in the world.

5. Exponential production volumes

Machine translation services can produce far more content than human writers can in the same amount of time.

2. Agility and flexibility

AI translation lets you quickly pivot to produce new content to adapt to market developments, strategic aims and client demands.

4 - Significant cost savings

Why spending tons of money on painstakingly translate content when AI translation can do it at a fraction of the cost?

6. Inhuman speed advantages

There is simply no way that even the most skilled human translator can match the speed of machine translation.

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Why Key Content?

Our machine translation services take a hybrid approach, combining advanced AI
for speed and scalability with the human crowdsourcing system of the gig economy.

Scalable MT
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We provide an unlimited community of skilled language professionals, giving you powerful machine translation scalability.
Higher quality
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Machine translation alone can't provide reliable customer experience. Our final human quality evaluation layer does.
Save money
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Our AI translation/human QA combination saves on costs and produces quality without expensive professional translator teams.
Faster production
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Produce native language content faster using our multilayer crowdsourcing system. Eliminate bottlenecks and save time.
MQM benchmarking
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We test our machine translation services using the MQM framework, achieving above-professional-grade 91% accuracy.
Seamless process
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Direct-order API, content analysis, machine translation, proofing, QA and delivery in one smooth process.

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