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We work with some of the biggest companies in the world, including the likes of eBay, KAYAK, SIXT, and momondo, as well as other top brands like Reebok, Zalando, and adidas.

Magento SEO Experts

Magento SEO services that will open your doors to customers

Magento is a powerful open-source e-commerce platform that gives companies a relatively fast and easy way to become online retailers. However, it does present some challenges when it comes to applying effective SEO techniques. Successful Magento SEO usually involves tapping into deeper wells of SEO knowledge and expertise, requiring specialist Magento SEO services.

What do Magento SEO services do?

Magento SEO services like Key Content provide a turn-key strategy to implement and maintain effective Magento SEO techniques, using the latest best practices.

Beyond putting the basic SEO indexing requirements in place, like META tags, the right kind of H1 headings, image alt tags and the like, there are two key areas where you’ll benefit from Magento SEO services.

The first is intelligently analyzed keyword research and optimization, to ensure that all the relevant elements of your website accurately mirror the latest search terms that your potential customers are using to find the goods or services you provide. This is an ongoing endeavor that helps to ensure up-to-the-moment relevance and future-proofing. It is crucial is keeping your Magento SEO relevant.

The second is a constant supply of expertly written thought leadership and other articles that provide your website visitors with fresh, insightful, and useful information. This not only helps to establish credibility and trust with your market, but it also has the fortuitous effect of signaling to Google that your website is an authority in your market. This prompts the search engine to steadily increase your ranking position. It’s where much of the real power of engaging Magento SEO services lies.

What’s so important about Magento SEO if I already have a working e-commerce site?

Unfortunately, the mere fact that your Magento site is trading and bringing in revenue isn’t the only measure of online success. Like the real world, your other aim is to capture potential customers who haven’t yet used your store, or who don’t even know about it. Companies are constantly looking to uncover new customer bases in the real world, and online retailers must do the same. But there’s a big catch.

In the real world, anyone who happens to be walking down the street you’re on or through the mall you’re in can immediately see your shop and find out what you offer by window shopping. A certain percentage of your revenue always comes from passing trade.

However, on the Internet, there is no such thing as passing trade. Your shop is not going to get noticed by any passing shoppers. For potential customers to discover that you even exist, you typically need to use a combination of expensive offline and online advertising to draw attention to your e-commerce store.

In other words, the more things change, the more they stay the same – you can’t get out of spending loads of money on constantly ongoing marketing, even on the Internet.

Except for one online marketing method, which is: organic SEO. Magento SEO services offer increasing return on investment rather than demanding constantly increasing marketing spend. In fact, the longer you use it, the more it increases revenue without costing more to sustain. And the best way to benefit from it is to use an expert Magento SEO migration service.

Why should I use choose Key Content for Magento SEO services?

We provide focused Magento SEO, using a dedicated team of SEO experts who have chosen to specialize in the platform. They know it inside and out and are wise to all the little tricks one needs to insert SEO into the Magento back office, in ways that one can’t do using the front-end user interface.

None of this is in any way dodgy – it’s simply knowing how to use Magento’s system to accomplish what e-commerce websites that don’t run on these kinds of platforms, without having to jump through any proprietary hoops in the system.

You can trust our 12 years of experience in providing comprehensive SEO services for some of the leading online companies, including eBay, SIXT, and Reebok, to pay off when you use us for Magento SEO services.