Meta Description Writing Services

Why is it important for your pages?

Understanding what a
meta description is


In a nutshell, a meta description is a short summary of a web page. It’s part of the HTML structure of every page, and it’s meant to be seen in a search results list as a description of the page’s contents. 

For this reason, meta descriptions play an important part in organic traffic – they can influence users to click (or not) on a page.

Are meta descriptions a ranking factor?


The short answer? No. But since they can influence other (more important) metrics, such as click-through rates and traffic itself, they’re still very relevant for SEO. 

As with other pieces of content, meta descriptions need to be compelling, engaging and to resonate with users – who will be interested to find out more about your website as a result.

So, meta descriptions do help with SEO!


Yes, they do. Just like any other meta tag – such as the meta title, for example – they are meant to help with information about the page. 

As such, consider your meta description content like any other piece of advertising. Keep it optimized, sure, but add some content marketing spice to it. It’s meant to describe, but also convince!

So what should I write
in a meta description?


The trick is to establish a conversation with your users – to tell them what the page is about, but to go beyond that. 

Attractive content with actual value and interesting features – such as questions and calls to action – is always a good idea. And throw in some relevant keywords too – even though they won’t be a ranking factor, it’s good to highlight them.

How to write great meta descriptions

A good meta description will strike the right balance between being descriptive to search engines and attractive to users.

  • Use your top keywords
  • Keep it simple
  • Treat it as an ad
  • Limit its size
  • Don’t duplicate
  • Go for rich snippets

Best practice for meta descriptions

1. Don't be too complex

Meta descriptons aren’t the place to go for in-depth content. Keep it simple and concise. And don’t stuff it with keywords either.

3. Does it include keywords?

Your high-value keywords aren’t ranking factors here. But when users search for them, they will likely be highlighted by search engines (in bold), thus increasing your chances of being clicked.

5. Keep it short, always

The “official” size is no more than 160 characters. But it’s good to make it even shorter so it will always be visible in search engine results. Why over do it?

2. It's still content marketing

Try to make it as attractive and engaging as you can. It’s still a piece that could influence a user to click and find out more.

4 - Unique means valuable

It’s hard to keep it unique in large websites, especially e-commerce ones. But this should be the goal. Using the same meta description for more than one page isn’t very advantageous.

6. Snippets can (and will) help

Using schema mark-up and rich snippets will help your meta description and make it even more interesting – think ratings, schedules, special information, etc.

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