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The method in the madness of a podcast transcription service


A professional podcast transcription service can help you grow the audience for your podcast – not only will you be able to reach more people, but you’ll also become more visible on the Internet. 

Your podcasts will draw more attention to the search engines and streaming services that carry podcasts, like YouTube and Spotify. 

This can translate into real revenue flowing into your pocket from your podcasts. We could even go as far as saying that podcast transcription is the single most important thing you should do. Besides recording your podcasts, of course.

But how does it make sense to take my podcast and transcribe audio to text?


Granted, it does sound utterly counter-intuitive to take your carefully created podcast and turn it back into a text file. Especially when you most likely recorded your audio from text notes in the first place! But there are three great reasons for doing it – all of which will boost your podcast reach and popularity. 

First, search engines can’t hear. They need text to know what your podcast says so they can rank you in their search results. Podcast transcription will enable those with hearing disabilities to benefit from your podcast too. It will also make it much easier for people to share quotes from your podcast on social media. And we all know what that can do for your impact.

Why choose us to transcribe audio to text?


For a start, we don’t use any kind of automated podcast transcription. That’s a road to nowhere, littered with misspellings, odd sentences, and assorted other errors. We only use humans to deliver our podcast transcription service. They’re all native language speakers who will understand and transcribe every nuance of your podcast into text. We put them all through a rigorous training and testing process to ensure everyone meets our high transcription service standards.

If you’re looking for an effective way to boost every podcast you make, a podcast transcription service can be your silver bullet. And Key Content can give you what you need to stand out from the rest.