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What exactly is a press release?


A press release, as its name suggests, is a piece of content focused on specific information meant for media professionals and outlets.

It could be an official announcement from a company, a new product or service being released, or anything deemed newsworthy by the organization behind it.

The thing about press release writing is the fact that it is intended for a very specific audience: journalists. In most cases, the press release is meant to generate buzz and lead to more news articles about the topic at hand.

For this reason, it’s a type of writing usually done by journalists themselves, along with public relations professionals – people with experience in press-related topics who know exactly how to craft the story in the most engaging manner. press release content
still necessary?


In this day and age, do people still write press release articles? Yes, very much so.

It might sound like ancient history, but press release writing remains very important today because the content generally reaches its specific target audience (press and PR professionals) in a much more effective way than usual means of communication.

And by doing this, the press release content will multiply the visibility of its message exponentially, precisely because this audience is likely going to broadcast it as well.

Press release writing services are also a great way of creating (and maintaining) relationships with communications specialists and professionals – something that can pay off in the long run.

So yes, a press release article is something very important today – and likely will remain so in the future.

Press releases: friends of your traffic


One of the big advantages of press release writing is SEO. Yes, SEO yet again.

First, because press release articles offer a unique opportunity to create optimized, keyword-rich content that’s going to help your company’s website to rank well – as is the case with any content published on your website.

But the big difference here is that this content is going to be massively pushed to various news outlets. And that’s where the second reason comes in: you might get extremely valuable backlinks from your press release content.

It’s well known that newspaper and media websites are among the highest authority domains on the web. One link from such a website can be worth many links from other smaller, less valuable ones, and the importance of this fact can’t be stressed enough.

Good timing and image


Press release content can be incredibly beneficial to a brand when sent at the right moment. Any topic that is considered newsworthy and requires a more urgent communication strategy can be massively helped by a well-made press release.

What’s more, not only can it promote brand awareness in a very efficient way, but it can also help shape the brand’s image with the public – especially if we consider that the information is probably going to be replicated elsewhere.

This might also come in handy when any kind of negative publicity happens. A good press release article with lots of factual information might just do the trick and alter the public perception of said company or brand.

In short, a press release content piece can help an organization in many different ways, and should be part of any solid content strategy for the long term.

How to create a great press release article

Press release writing can communicate any given message to a specialized audience in a very effective way. By doing this, it creates the means to widely replicate its content and message.

  • Define the scope and format
  • Create a headline
  • Work the elements
  • Set the tone
  • Optimize your content
  • Track your results

Press release writing: a beginners' guide

1. First off: what is it about?

Having a clear scope for your press release is critical because it will define the format and focus: a product launch, a special event, etc. While these different types may share core elements, it’s important to customize it to the occasion.

3. Remember your SEO

Don’t forget to go through an SEO checklist of the main items. Keyword research and density, internal linking, titles and headers, meta descriptions and other markers should all be part of your press release article to help with your website’s organic visibility.

5. The press release checklist

A typical press release article has specific elements that are worth checking: letterhead (or company logo), dateline (or location), introduction (or lead), body (where most of the information will be) and the “boilerplate”, with some generic information on the company issuing the press release content. And, of course, some contact information for media follow-up.

2. The headline: your calling card

Your headline must be exceptional, in that it will be largely responsible for catching the eye of the reader (or not). Do your best to create an attractive title that properly introduces the subject at hand.

4. Make it engaging

As with many other pieces of content, press release writing has to resonate with its audience. In order to really strike a chord with the reader, go for a balance of trustworthy information – the initial purpose – and an emotional tone that will create engagement.

6. Looking out for reactions

Implement a monitoring system to check the main metrics associated with your press release content. Traffic, leads, social media shares – whatever you’re tracking, it’s important to keep an eye on how your piece is doing overall.

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Focus and purpose
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We will work with your company to define the scope of your press release article and how to make it as effective as possible.
Catchy titles
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Our press release copywriting prioritizes eye-catching, insightful titles and headlines to make your message stand out.
Outline and structure
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We work with all necessary items and elements that are part of the most effective press release articles.
Quality content
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Our team of highly skilled content creators and editors make the most of your content so it is engaging, compelling and useful.
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