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We work with some of the biggest companies in the world, including the likes of eBay, KAYAK, SIXT, and momondo, as well as other top brands like Reebok, Zalando, and adidas.

Prestashop SEO Experts

Don’t let PrestaShop SEO sabotage your e-commerce profits

PrestaShop is a dedicated e-commerce website platform, mainly for SMEs to create an online shopping outlet without engaging expensive website development companies. Its user-friendly interface allows you to create your own e-commerce site using visual drag-and-drop methods, without having to understand the underlying technicalities.

It has a wealth of features while requiring fewer resources than the enterprise-grade, build your own e-commerce platforms, and costs less to maintain as there are no hosting fees. It also comes with built-in SEO features, providing some of the basics you need to have your site successfully indexed, and to start making your way up the search engine results rankings.

You also have the option of installing an SEO PrestaShop plug-in, which will provide additional features beyond the basics. However, the focus is predominantly on the META tags and social media tags, creating search engine-friendly URLs and creating META keywords for your products.

Unfortunately, while certainly useful, this merely scratches the surface of truly effective, profitable SEO. Because it’s a bit more of a lightweight platform for SMEs, the SEO PrestaShop offers is simply not enough to compete in any meaningful way. For that, you’ll need to engage a cost-effective expert PrestaShop SEO service like Key Content.

That’s just the start of Key Content’s PrestaShop SEO services

Successful e-commerce SEO is a multi-faceted, layered endeavor that requires many working parts to synchronize. This in support of the single goal of high search engine rankings that lead to increased traffic, improved conversion rates, and more website-generated revenue.

PrestaShop SEO, like all SEO, is only as effective as your keyword research and analysis. We analyze these to find those that will provide the best value for your specific website, targeting your specific audience, and taking competition into account. The aim is to find the “sweet spots” where you’ll face as little competition as possible on keywords that best match your individual online strategy.

We then carefully optimize all elements of your website, from META information to image captions and on-page copy, crafting an ongoing analysis and adjustment strategy to help future-proof your PrentaShop SEO. This gives you agile responses to search engine algorithm changes that could affect your rankings.

What benefits will I get from expert PrestaShop SEO?

The advantages of SEO for PrestaShop go a lot further than helping to make your website more visible to search engines and appearing higher up the search rankings. It’s one thing to rank highly and have lots of click-throughs to your website, but they won’t do much for your bottom line if they don’t result in increased conversions or more sales.

More advanced SEO methods and strategies segue seamlessly with your website’s user journeys and conversion or sales funnels, to enhance the probability of turning visitors into customers.

Besides the on-site (or visible) SEO, we also look at all manner of other issues that can lurk under the hood and work against your conversion efforts. We check for links to your site from so-called “bad neighborhoods” – disreputable websites linking to yours that can damage your own credibility. We also optimize your website’s speed as much as possible, given the serious weighting that Google gives to loading speed when ranking websites.

Why should I choose Key Content for PrentaShop SEO?

Inside our deeply experienced team of SEO we also have dedicated PrentaShop SEO experts, who focus solely on staying abreast of both SEO and PrestaShop technical developments. We are able to run a sustainable long-term PrestaShop SEO strategy on your behalf that continues to improve your website’s performance and increase revenue.

We have 12 years of SEO experience, implementing and managing all aspects of SEO for a wide range of organizations, from SMEs to some of the world’s leading online brands, like KAYAK, eBay, SIXT, and adidas. We put all of this experience and knowledge at your disposal in our comprehensive cost-effective PrestaShop SEO service.